Can I meet previous patients?

Yes and we encourage you to research the limitations and possibilities of hair transplantation and can support you in making the correct decisions for you. Please register for our open days when we can arrange for you to meet with previous patients to examine the quality of our work.

How much does a FUE Procedure Cost?

The cost of the procedure depends on the number of grafts and the complexity of the area to be transplanted. All costs quoted include check-ups and post-operative medications. Repair cases are complex and a speciality at the clinic. Due to the challenging nature of corrective surgery we have to examine patients in detail before providing a cost estimate.

What is Donor Management?

The donor hair available to patients during a lifetime is limited and we have to make the correct choice to ensure we select the best strategy to make sure the donor hair is used wisely over a patient’s lifespan. This is crucial to ensure patients gain the best result possible and be educated regarding the potential for future hair loss.

Where is the Procedure Performed?

The Procedure is performed at our clinic where, as a private hospital, we have full access to an in-house pharmacy and onsite testing facilities.

Do you offer Finance Facilities?

Yes we can provide 12 month interest free credit agreements via our finance partner. Please ask for further details at your consultation.

Do I have to cut my hair short?

In certain cases we can transplant without cutting the hair short depending on the number of grafts required. However, in the majority of cases we do cut the hair short to gain the maximum quality grafts possible.

Am I a suitable candidate?

We always advise arranging a personal consultation as there are many variables to investigate including your age, family history of hair loss, and type of hair loss. These factors determine your overall suitability for treatment.

How many procedures do I need?

The number of procedures required depends on your goals, your present level of hair loss and how this changes in the future. The majority of patients require 2 procedures in their lifetime.

How long before I see the results

The transplanted hair will begin to shed at 3-6 weeks post procedure and will then take a further 2-4 months to start re-growing. At around the 6 month stage we expect the regrowth to be at the half way stage and the final result is achieved at 12-14 months. The progress can vary and we recommend you attend the 6 month check up to review progress.

Will the results be natural?

We have a strict protocol that ensures we only have doctors completing the placement to ensure the naturalness of the final result. The FUE hair transplant procedure requires excellent surgical skills and natural artistic flair and we encourage you to view our gallery to see how we achieve the natural results which are the hallmark of a great hair transplant.

Can I read a book?

Yes this is possible at the implantation stage of the procedure but we advise listening to music via your phone and/or watching movies/documentaries on one of our iPads as it can be more comfortable due to the need to change head positions during the procedure.

What about Lunch?

We provide a range of lunch options for you at the clinic and if you have any special dietary requirements please email us 7 days prior to your procedure to ensure any special foods can be organised for you. Please inform us of any food allergies and previous reactions to any food types.

Is the Procedure Painful?

The procedure is relatively painless as we administer local anaesthesia to minimise any discomfort. The initial injections can sting - it’s a similar sensation to having a blood sample taken.

How long does the procedure take?

The duration of the procedure is usually 6-8 hours for a one day session and for a 2 day session 12-16 hours in total - you are welcome to have a break at any time to have a stretch or use the bathroom facilities. The duration of the procedure varies depending upon the number of grafts required and your hair characteristics.

How many grafts/follicles will be transplanted?

Throughout the procedure we will update you regarding the number of grafts being transplanted and surgical progress. You’re welcome to ask questions regarding your progress at any time. At the lunch break you’re welcome to view your grafts and follicle quality to help you understand the process. At the end of the procedure we will give you a summary detailing the graft numbers and exact hair count for your procedure.

Can I have the procedure if I have needle phobia?

Yes this is possible and it is important you inform us so that we can prepare and ensure any needles or injections are placed out of view during your procedure. Needle phobia is very common and it is important you inform us so we can prepare the medical team to make adjustments to make the procedure easier for you.

What should I wear?

We would advise you wear loose, comfortable clothes. You are welcome to bring a change of clothing. Generous fitting trousers and tracksuit bottoms with thick socks are recommended. It is important to wear a wide neck top or vest so it is easier to remove after the procedure or a button up shirt. We will provide you with a new baseball cap after the procedure.

Can I stay overnight somewhere local to the clinic?

Yes we can give you details of local hotels that are in partnership with the clinic which can offer discounted rates.

When can I go back to work?

We advise 7-14 days depending on the size of the procedure and individual healing characteristics.

What After care regime is required?

You will be advised of your personalised after care programme which will involve taking a 4 day course of antibiotics to ensure against infection and some medications to avoid post-operative swelling (optional) . All medications required, including a special shampoo, are prepared and dispensed with full instructions in an after care package which you will be given to take home with you after your procedure.

When can I swim after the procedure?

We advise no swimming for 14 days after the procedure especially in swimming pools as the chlorine content varies greatly depending on location.

Can I go on holiday after the procedure?

Yes, we advise rest and recuperation for a week ideally. Please ensure you follow the after care directions and avoid being in direct sunlight for 14 days following the procedure.

How long before I can sunbathe?

Do not expose your head to strong direct sunlight or rain for the first 14 days following the procedure. We recommend you wear a hat / cap when going out in direct sunlight for two weeks post procedure.

Please ensure you also take steps to avoid sunburn on the head for two months post procedure.

When can I wear a motorbike helmet?

We would advise you wait 7 days following the procedure to resume wearing protective headwear for activities like Motorcycling and Skiing.

When can I drink alcohol?

We would advise that you avoid alcohol consumption for 7 days after your procedure. It is important you avoid alcohol the day after treatment as a minimum requirement.