What is advanced Tricho Pigmentation?

By Alex

When it comes to hair loss there are a variety of different treatments that can help restore your hair and some that can help with the appearance of fullness.

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic we have an amazing treatment to help those that aren’t quite ready for a hair transplant, to achieve the appearance of fullness. Our Advanced Tricho Pigmentation treatment is perfect for patients in the "IN"  between stage and that require an immediate solution.

What is Advanced Tricho Pigmentation?

Advanced tricho pigmentation (ATP) is a revolutionary procedure to help the appearance of fuller hair. ATP is a medical hairline tattoo, similar to the popular scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) procedure, however, more advanced to ensure you get excellent and realistic results. We are able to offer semi permanent and permanent options depending on your preference.

The scalp or thinning area is treated to increase the appearance of density by placing pigment to replicate follicles in long or short hair to boost the appearance of volume without requiring any surgery or downtime.

What can Advanced Tricho Pigmentation achieve?

Advanced Tricho pigmentation is a procedure used to help give the appearance of fullness in the hair and it can give the look of a full head of cropped hair, build a full-front, side and rear hairline, restore hairlines, camouflage the symptoms of alopecia, hide scars and help to even out balding.

How does Advanced Tricho Pigmentation work

Advanced tricho pigmentation works in a similar way to a tattoo, natural pigments are applied at the epidermal level of the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles or strands.

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation or hair transplant?

When you begin to lose your hair it can be a scary time, you’ll quickly jump to the conclusion that you’ll be bald in a year’s time and must get a hair transplant right away. A hair transplant however, isn’t always the answer.

Our hair can thin and our hairline can recede from a young age and that doesn’t always mean we need to book ourselves in for a hair transplant. ATP is the perfect treatment to consider before a hair transplant.

As  ATP works to build the appearance of a full head of hair it is the perfect treatment for those in the early stages of hair loss, the treatment will help you restore the appearance of fullness without needed to get a hair transplant.
If you’re hair is thinning and you would like some more information both ATP and our hair transplant treatments please contact us for a no obligation consultation where we can help you decide on the perfect treatment.
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