• 4 Grooming mistakes you might be making

    4 Grooming mistakes you might be making

    Grooming might seem like a simple and easy daily routine that takes no thought what so ever. But, grooming might be something you should spend a little bit more time thinking about. We’re about to tell you 4 grooming mistakes you might be making.

    Getting too comfortable with your hair

    Getting too comfortable with your hair style is something that a lot of men do, it’s easy to get your hair cut at your local barbers one day and then get that style cut back in for the next three years, you like it and it suits you, simple.

    We think it’s important to change things up every once in a while, and try something new. Go for something different next time, maybe visit a new barber or see your usual barber but ask for something new. A hair cut can completely change up your appearance and sometimes it’s good to have a change.

    Making things too complicated

    It’s easy to over complicate your grooming routine when in reality you need something simple. There are so many different products on the market aimed at men to hydrate the skin, lessen dark circles, reduce wrinkles, reduce grey hair and so on. It can become quite complicated when you want a grooming routine.

    Our advice is simple, do not over complicate things. Your current routine might be as simple as jump in the shower, shave, brush your teeth, put on some aftershave a go. Although that sounds pretty simple that’s somewhat of a grooming routine already, so you’re half way there.

    Add a few extra steps and you’ll have the perfect quick and simple routine that will be quite effective. We recommend adding a face wash in the shower and ensuring your wash your face daily, once out of the shower use a small amount of moisturise on your face on a daily basis, these two extra steps will leave your skin looking and feeling great.

    As part of your grooming routine, it’s also important to remember to take care of your facial hair properly and ensuring your following a good routine when it comes to shaving.

    Letting your facial hair grow wild

    Letting your facial hair grow a little bit wild is a grooming mistake a lot of men make. Having a well-groomed beard is very important, it can completely transform your look and make you look much smarter.

    We recommend brushing and trimming longer beards on a regular basis as well as using beard oils to soften both the hair and skin under the beard. Grooming shorter facial hair is important too, try to keep it a good length as if you let it get to that awkward in-between length it can look quite untidy.

    Not tackling issues that are bothering you

    One big mistake when it comes to grooming is not tackling an issue that is bothering you. Appearance is very important to most people and some people will find that they’re not happy with their appearance and in some cases, it can really knock your confidence.

    For example, some people might not be happy with their teeth, they might think they’re not straight enough or not white enough. This might sound like a small problem but a lot of people can feel quite self-conscious about it and when they look at photos can become bothered by this. The same issue can happen for those suffering with hair loss, this is something that might bother you quite a lot and can be something you feel conscious about.

    For a lot of issues that are bothering you, there are treatments that can help restore your confidence such as braces, teeth whitening and even hair restoration procedures such as hair transplants.

    If you would like any information on our hair restoration procedures please contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

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