• 4 things you’ll realise after your FUE hair transplant

    4 things you’ll realise after your FUE hair transplant

    Getting a hair transplant is a huge deal and it isn’t a decision you make overnight. In some cases you might be weighing up the pros and cons of getting a hair transplant for a few months, to help make your decision a little easier we’ve got four things you’ll realise after a FUE hair transplant.

    #1 Not many people actually know what a hair transplant is

    Once you’ve had your hair transplant and you begin to tell people that you’ve had the procedure you’ll soon realise not many people actually know what a hair transplant it, or how it works.

    You might get a few questions like ‘Oh, is that where they take the hair from your leg and reattach it to your scalp?’ Umm, no. ‘Oh, well do they take hair from another person’s head and reattach it to the scalp?’ Again, no. ‘Oh, so do they just take it from one area of the head and glue it to another?’ Not quite.

    When you tell them that the process involves a large number of hair follicles (from your own scalp) being removed, and then re-inserted on-by-one to the area where you had little to no hair, they might seem quite surprised and impressed.

    #2 It works better than you expect

    Before your transplant, it’s hard to imagine what you’re going to look like and how well your transplant is going to work. During our consultation process, we’ll work with you to design a new hairline and discuss the density that we think we’ll be able to achieve. Although even with a detailed consultation it can be hard to imagine your new hair.

    In most cases, our clients always tell us after their transplant they did not expect their result to be this good. At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we work with the most skilful doctors to ensure you get the best quality results.

    #3 It’s life changing

    If you are suffering with hair loss, or have done in the past you’ll understand that it is a horrible. It can really knock your confidence and it can be one of the hardest things you will ever go through, and getting the chance to have a full head of hair again can literally change your life.

    Getting the chance to have a full head of hair will give you back your confidence and improve your self-esteem. The difference a hair transplant can make is literally life changing.

    #4 You should have done it sooner

    Once you’ve had your hair transplant and you’ve seen how good your results are, your only regret will be not having it done sooner. You’ll be so pleased with your results you’ll wish you did it years ago.

    If you would like some more information on our hair transplants or any of our hair loss treatments please feel free to contact us for a no obligating consultation.

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