• 5 hair loss myths busted

    5 hair loss myths busted

    There are a lot of myths around why we lose our hair. But how we do we know what is true and what isn’t? We’re on hand to help. We’ve compiled a list of the most common hair loss myths and we’ll tell you why they’re not true.

    1. Hair thinning only happens with age

    People believe that you only begin to lose your hair as you age, however this is not true. You are never too young to start losing your hair. Part of losing hair is to do with genetics, so it is possible that hair can begin to thin at an early age.

    The reverse is also true; you can also keep your hair long into your old age.

    2. You will lose your hair if your parents did

    You cannot predict hair loss by looking into your family history. Hair loss is polygenetic which means something is determined by an assortment of genes from your immediate and extended family.

    However if hair loss generally runs in your family, you will be more likely to deal with this at some point in life.

    3. Only men suffer for genetic hair loss

    Most people think of men when they think of balding, however women can also suffer from hair thinning. Although it is more likely for a man to go completely bald women still have to deal with hair loss.

    4. Wearing a hat makes you go bald

    Some people blame hair loss to wearing a hat as this prevents the scalp from ‘breathing’. However, your hair follicles actually get oxygen from the blood stream. So wearing a hat constantly and not allowing air to get to your hair will not affect hair loss.

    5. Frequent shampooing causes hair to fall out

    When washing your hair you will see some fall out and this leads to people thinking that the reason for their hair thinning is because they wash it too much. This is not true, it is normal to lose around 50-100 hairs each day and it is normal for hair to come out when washing it.

    Washing your hair less is not the answer, your hair that would normally come out sits on the scalp and will come out the next time you wash it.

    If you’re worried that your hair is thinning dramatically – why not come down and see us?

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