• Can Ageing Affect Hair Loss?

    Can Ageing Affect Hair Loss?

    What affects hair loss?

    There are many factors that can affect hair loss, including stress, genes and ageing. But how does ageing affect hair loss?

    Hair loss due to ageing varies between the two genders. In men, hair loss takes place due to the transformation of testosterone to DHT. As a result of this, the protein and pigment levels interact in a different manner thereby generating less amount of hair.

    Loss of pigment in hair follicles is one of the clearest signs of ageing. Hair follicles produce a pigment called melanin, which gives hair its colour. As hair follicles age, they begin to make less melanin, causing hair to turn characteristically grey. Graying hair usually begins in the 30s, but can happen as early as your 20s. Graying hair is also largely affected by genes, and tends to happen earlier in Caucasian people and a lot later in non-Caucasians.

    The case is different in women where hair loss during ageing is the cause of inadequate production of pigment. Hair replacement therapy is a good solution to help in the regeneraton of hair. Book your online consultation today!

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