• Can living in London cause hair loss?

    Can living in London cause hair loss?

    There are many different factors that play a part in hair loss, including genes and hormones. Factors such as the location in which you live can also affect hair loss.

    Living in London may contribute to accelerating a pre-disposition to hair loss, this could be due to environmental and lifestyle factors. We are conducting further research into the link between urban living and hair loss as many patients have commented that since moving to London for example they have experienced hair loss with many commenting on the water quality. The data at present is insufficient to make any meaningful conclusions but the anecdotal evidence suggests that at least this should be explored further.


    When people talk about pollution, they are not only referring to the chemicals emitted from vehicles and industrial units. They can also be talking about the smoke from cigarettes or fire. Pollution-induced hair loss exists among people living in urban conditions, such as London.

    It is thought that the toxins and carcinogens found in polluted air can stop hair growth. The toxins and carcinogens block mechanisms that produce the protein that the hair is made from.

    London is one of the most polluted cities in Europe, if you live in London and are experiencing hair loss this could be cause by the pollution level in your area.


    Stress is a large factor in hair loss, there are different types of hair loss that are all caused from stress. The most common type of stress-related hair loss is telogen effluvium. In this type of hair loss the hair stops growing and lies dormant, and then falls out 2 or 3 months later.  The hair usually grows back within 6 to 9 months.

    People living in London are the most stressed people in England, and those living in the inner city suffer with stress more so than suburbanites. Living in London can quite stressful for a number of different reasons.

    Work Life

    Your work life in London can cause you a great deal of stress, because of both the work itself and the commute. At least 16.7% of workers complain that their job is extremely stressful.

    Four out of five workers in the city say they are delayed by a hold up on their daily journey at least once a month. Travel delays cause Londoners a great deal of stress before they even get to work.

    If you are suffering from stress related hair loss and would like some advice on the condition or treatment feel free to contact us for some help and advice.

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