• Everyday habits that cause hair loss

    Everyday habits that cause hair loss

    We’ve all got bad habits, sometimes we don’t even realise we have them and sometimes we don’t realise how our habits might be having a negative impact on different aspects of our lives. Many of us probably have everyday habits that are actually having a negative impact on our hair and could lead onto hair loss, read on to find out if you’re guilty of any of these everyday habits.

    Using heat too much

    This is something most of us are probably guilty of, using heat products on our hair on a very regular basis. Heat tools such as a hairdryer, straighteners and curling tongs can damage the hair over time and using them on a daily basis is a habit you need to try and break away from before it breaks you… well, your hair at least.

    As with most things in life, heat styling in moderation is fine! Excessive heat usage, however, is not. The constant heat can cause the hair to become dry and brittle which makes it prone to breaking and your hair can then become shorter. It’s important to use heat protection on your hair before styling and try to opt for hairstyles that do not need heat styling on a daily basis.

    Your diet

    A simple part of your everyday life could be affecting the health of your hair, having a poor diet can cause serious health problems as well as having a negative impact on your hair. A balanced diet is vital to a healthy body and healthy hair. You need a mixture of nutrients and vitamins to keep your hair and body healthy.

    Some important nutrients and vitamins to include in your diet are; protein as it works towards promoting hair growth as well as keeping it strong and healthy, vitamin A and C which both work towards fighting hair loss and copper and iron are essential for keeping hair loss issues at bay.

    Changing your colour

    Dying our hair is something some of us might do a little too frequent, trying to keep up with different colour trends can cause a lot of damage to our hair. Bleaching your hair with peroxide can break down the natural pigment in the hair which causes it to become dry and easily damaged. Other dyes contain ammonia, which can also damage the hair as the dye doesn’t just ‘stain’ the hair but it actually has to break through a couple of barriers in order to set permanently. This means the dye breaks through the hairs natural protection, again, causing damage to the hair.

    Aggressive combing and drying

    Your hair is most likely to break when it is wet and tying it tightly, combing and brushing your hair when wet can weaken the root and lead to hair fall. When your hair is wet you need to ensure you’re more careful with it as aggressively brushing or towel drying the hair can cause damage. When your hair is wet lightly towel-dry with a microfiber towel and softly brush until it is not free, then leave it to dry naturally to keep it in good condition.

    If you’re experiencing hair loss and think it might be to do with one of these simple every day habits, try to cut them out to see if your hair improves. If not, one of our hair loss specialists may be able to help just contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

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