• Four ways to naturally thicken your hair

    Four ways to naturally thicken your hair

    Thinning of the hair is one of the first sign that our hair is screaming for attention. Thinning hair is extremely common and there are a huge amount of products on the market that claim to thicken and strengthen your hair. These products however, do not always work as well as we would hope.

    There are plenty of natural ways to improve the health and thickness of your hair, which can also save you some money.

    Thinning is often caused by poor circulation in the capillaries. Poor circulation can reduce the amount of blood and oxygen to the hair follicles. This results in your hair not getting the vital vitamins and nutrients needed.

    Opening up your capillaries will play a vital part in naturally thickening your hair and preventing any further hair loss.

    Change up your diet

    Fat can clog up your circulatory system and, with this in mind, a diet rich in fatty foods can cause fatty deposits to build-up and decrease your circulation. Improving your diet can have an effect on your hair loss. Positive changes can decrease the rate of hair loss and make the hair appear thicker.

    Including vitamin rich vegetables and fruit in your diet can help to lessen the fatty deposits, and the nutrients also feed your hair and help it grow thick and healthily. Vegetables such as kale and spinach are healthy foods rich in antioxidants, which will boost the health of your hair.


    Exercise gets our heart rate up and our blood pumping, which in turn increases circulation. Aerobic exercises such as jogging and cycling are perfect activities to get your heart racing and oxygen flowing which will in turn help the health of your hair. Any type of exercise that brings your heart rate up is great to help the health of your hair.

    Over time, circulation decreases and our hair suffers, no matter how much we treasure our locks with different products they cannot help. A boost in circulation to capillaries can also help to reduce toxins in the body and affect the thickness of your hair.

    Reduce any unnecessary stress

    Stress is a common cause of hair loss, and this could be the cause of thinning hair. Unlike other types of hair loss, in most cases your hair will start to grow back if it has fallen out as a result of stress.

    Stress has become such a normal part of daily life that some of us may believe that it is just a way of life. Work, commuting and family life can all cause unwanted stress. Take a few moments each day and focus on de-stressing by going for a walk, reading a book or taking a relaxing bath. After a few months this can reduce hair loss and help thicken your hair.

    Reduce heat styling

    Continual use of styling products and specific hairstyles can result in hair loss and can damage the hair beyond repair. Heat styling is very bad for the hair and can cause it to become brittle and likely to snap and break.

    The less you use heat styling tools such as hairdryers, tongs and straighteners the better for your hair. You should also focus on using natural shampoos, conditioners and styling products as some include chemicals in their ingredient list which can damage the hair.
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