• FUE Hair Replacement Surgery

    FUE Hair Replacement Surgery

    Why get hair replacement surgery?

    There are many reasons that men and women suffer from hair loss. It could be due to illness, medical treatment such as chemotherapy, stress or simply in the genes. Depending on the cause of balding or thinning of the hair, it may be possible to opt for a hair replacement surgery

    How does hair replacement surgery work?

    Hair replacement involves surgically transplanting small groups of follicles from a donor area to a site on the scalp that is being affected by pattern baldness, a receding hair line or general thinning. The surgical techniques involved in hair replacement surgery have advanced to a level where it is possible to transplant individual follicles to obtain natural looking hair growth. This technique is called FUE Hair Transplant, and is becoming increasingly more and more common.

    Hair replacement surgery can be carried out on various parts of the body, not just on the head. Body hair transplants and eyebrow restoration are becoming more common as the surgical techniques become ever more refined. Many women with over plucked eyebrows have turned to eyebrow hair reconstruction surgery to restore eyebrows to their former glory and men are creating fuller beards using the same hair replacement techniques. FUE can even be used to treat scars that affect areas of hair growth.

    FUE hair replacement at Harley Street Hair Clinic

    The future of hair replacement will inevitably produce techniques that are quicker and even more effective than today’s already astonishing standards. To find out more about treating the causes of hair loss, book a consultation with us. Our experienced specialists carefully map out the hairs before they implant them, giving you hair that grows, moves and feels the way it used to.

    If you’re undecided about how well FUE works, why not check out our patients gallery, to see before and after pictures of our patients.

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