• FUE hair transplants: Q&A

    FUE hair transplants: Q&A

    Every day we get asked a lot of questions about our revolutionary FUE hair transplant procedure, from how much does it cost to how much will it hurt. Today we wanted to put the most popular questions we get asked in a simple question and answer post. We hope you find the answers you’re looking for below.

    Can only men have a hair transplant?

    Hair loss is something that can affect both men and women at different points in their life. Our FUE hair transplant procedure is more popular with men than women, however, this does not mean hair transplants are not suitable for women.

    An FUE hair transplant can help both men and women restore a full head of hair, depending on the severity and cause of your hair loss.

    Where does the donor hair come from?

    We get asked a lot of questions regarding where the donor hair for a hair transplant actually comes from. There are a few myths online that state donor hair can be taken from somebody else’s scalp, or from other areas of the body, but this isn’t true.

    At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we only use donor hair from your own scalp, from areas with fuller hair (such as the back and side of the scalp). Hair transplanted from one area of your own scalp to another will not reject. Taking it from another area of the body, or another person could cause the body to reject the transplanted hair.

    What is the aftercare like?

    Aftercare for a hair transplant is very simple and straightforward. Before you leave the clinic, your doctor will advise you of a personalised aftercare program which will include taking a 4 day course of antibiotics and will include optional medication to avoid post-operative swelling. All medications and instructions are prepared and dispensed to take home with you and we also include a special shampoo for you to use.

    We recommend that you take 7-14 days off of work, avoid swimming and the gym for 14 days post-transplant and that you avoid alcohol for 7 days post-transplant.

    Will my hair transplant hurt?

    FUE hair transplants are a minimally invasive procedure and for most are virtually pain free. Our transplants are carried out under local aesthetic, this means you’ll be awake and free to talk to your surgeon thought the procedure, but you will not feel a thing.

    When the anaesthetic is injected into the scalp you might feel a small sting, however, this is bearable and will go numb very quickly. The anaesthetic will wear off after your procedure, you will then notice the scalp feeling a little bit tight and sore but this will ease off and return to normal after a few hours.

    How much does a hair transplant cost?

    How much does a hair transplant cost is one question we get asked on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question as it will differ for each person.

    The cost of a hair transplant can vary between patients and is dependent on the number of grafts required for the transplant. The more grafts needed the higher the cost will be, it’s hard to work out the exact price of a hair transplant but you will pay anywhere between £4-£10 per graft.

    We have a few tools on our website to help you work out a rough cost of a hair transplant. You can use our graft calculator to get an estimate of how many grafts you’ll need transplanted. Once you have this you can visit our pricing structure page, this will give you an estimated cost for the number of grafts you need. However, we recommend visiting us for a consultation to get an exact price.

    If you have any further questions about hair transplants, or any hair restoration procedures please contact us today to book a no obligation consultation.
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