• Hair loss myths: Busted

    Hair loss myths: Busted

    Hair loss is a topic that is widely discussed and with most topics, there is often misleading information floating around. Hair loss is a topic that comes with many different myths and misconceptions some that can be quite scary.

    Today we’re taking a look at some of the most popular hair loss myths and revealing to you if they’re actually true or not.

    Wearing a hat causes hair loss

    One of the biggest hair loss myths we hear is that wearing a hat causes hair loss. The most common causes of hair loss are all related to a change in hormones and hair follicles, and these changes are all within our body. With this in mind, it is very unlikely that wearing a hat would be the main cause of hair loss.

    There is no scientific research that proves that hats cause hair loss. The myth regarding hats and hair loss is that wearing a hat can cut off the circulation to the hair follicles, but unless you’re wearing the tightest hat you can find, 24/7 this is highly unlikely.

    Balding comes from your mother’s side

    It is often said that hair loss comes from your mother’s side, so if you want to know what your chances of keeping your hair are, simply look at the men on your maternal side of the family. If they’ve all got a strong hairline you’re in luck… but this isn’t actually true.

    Hair density is a polygenic trait, meaning it’s something you get from both parents. If you want to look into family hair loss to work out your fate, you’ll need to look at both sides of the family.

    Tanning causes hair loss

    UV radiation is not linked to hair loss, contrary to popular belief. It has been believed that the UV rays produced from the sun damaged hair follicles to the point where they shut down and can no longer achieve the growth phase of the hair cycle.

    Excessive sun exposer can lead to dry and brittle hair, but there is no fear of it affecting the hair follicles, or causing severe hair loss.

    Washing your hair too much causes hair loss

    A lot of people believe that washing your too much can actually cause hair loss. It’s natural to lose up to 100 hairs per day, and most of these hairs will come out when you’re shampooing your hair. When washing your hair the process simply dislodges hairs that have already become detached at some point in the day.

    On a day that you do not shampoo, some of these hairs will come out when brushing, however, some will remain sitting loosely in the hair follicle. This means the longer you leave it before shampooing, the more hair you’ll notice you lose. Frequent hair washing is actually good for the hair, it encourages healthy hair and stimulates the scalp and creates a good environment for growth.

    Women have more hair than men

    A study in the early 90s debunked the common myth that women have more hair than men. It was established that the men have 312 hairs per square centimetre compared to just 279 hairs per square centimetre on a women’s head. This is about a 10% difference. The study also highlighted that men have finer hair, and as each hair takes up less space there is room for more of them.

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