• Hair Types Of The Naked Primate

    Hair Types Of The Naked Primate

    Although as a species, humans are considered essentially to be hairless, we actually have as many follicles as other primates. The reason we are considered hairless is because we have very different hair types. There are three types of hair that grow which are known as vellus, terminal and intermediate hairs.

    Vellus hairs are short and colourless hairs, the follicles of which are not connected to sebaceous glands. The growth of this type of hair is most noticeable in females and on children as the hair types that conceal this growth are found most abundantly in adult males.

    Terminal hairs replace many of the vellus hairs as children enter puberty, and in males, a much larger percentage of terminal hairs grow compared to females. Terminal hairs are longer, thicker and darker than vellus hairs and grow on the scalp, face and some areas of the body.

    Intermediate hairs are the third hair type, and have properties that are in between vellus and terminal hairs. Intermediate hairs have small amount of pigment, but are not as thick as terminal hairs. The follicles of the intermediate hairs turn to producing vellus hairs when a person is experiencing hair loss.

    So no matter how hairless you may consider yourself to be, remember that we have as many hairs as our primate cousins, just with different hair types.

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