• How do I care for my hair post hair transplant?

    How do I care for my hair post hair transplant?

    We get a lot of questions regarding how to care for your hair after your hair transplant. Today we’re giving you a few tips on aftercare, how to wash and style your hair and even when you should start visiting your barber.

    What do I need to know for aftercare?

    Our FUE hair transplant procedure is a non-invasive hair restoration procedure that leaves you with a realistic natural looking full head of hair. With an FUE hair transplant you can leave the clinic on the same day and aftercare is very simple and easy.
    When at the clinic, you will be advised of a personalised after care program. This will include taking a 4-day course of antibiotics to ensure against infection, you will also be offered optional medication to avoid any post-operative swelling. Your aftercare program will also include a special shampoo and full instructions to take home.

    What can’t I do after my hair transplant?

    We get asked a lot of questions about what you can and can’t do after your hair transplant. Although your hair transplant has a relatively speedy recovery, there are a few things we recommend you hold off doing for a while.

    We advise that you take between 7-14 days off of work, this will depend on the size of your procedure and individual healing characteristics, this is something your doctor will discuss with you before your procedure. We advise that you do not swim for 14 days after your procedure too, especially in swimming pools as the chlorine content can vary greatly depending on location.

    We often get asked if going on holiday after the procedure is allowed, this is something we actually recommend doing. This will give you a nice break, however, it is important to follow your aftercare directions and avoid being in direct sunlight for 14 days following your procedure (so sunbathing is out of the question).

    It is also advised that you do not consume alcohol for 7 days post procedure, most importantly you should avoid alcohol the day after your procedure.

    When can I wash my hair and how?

    As mentioned above when you leave the clinic you’ll be given a special shampoo that we recommend you use whilst recovering. You can wash your hair the day after your transplant and use the shampoo given from us for the next 14 days. Simply wash your hair with warm water as you usually would.

    After this, you’ll be able to go back to your usual choice of shampoo and wash your hair as normal.

    When shall I get my hair cut and styled?

    You’ll start to notice your hair transplant results after three months of your treatment, they’ll become very noticeable after six months and you’ll see your final results at 12 months. As you’ll have a shaven head for the procedure you’ll probably see your hair grow back to normal at around three months and we think that’s a great time to go the barber.

    Your hair will look slightly fuller due to your transplant starting to come through and you’ll be able to get a fresh hair cut with a new hair style.

    If you have any questions about our hair restoration procedures or aftercare please contact us today for a no obligation consultation.
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