• How to get the perfect beard this year

    How to get the perfect beard this year

    Beards were a huge trend last year and they seem to getting more and more popular. For some people, it is harder to grow a beard than they might expect, but 2017 is the year for you.

    The Harley Street Hair Clinic has got you covered we’ve got some great tips to help you get the perfect beard this year.

    Start from fresh

    You might have started growing your beard already, but in some cases it’s better to start fresh. Now is the time to have a good shave and get ready to grow the perfect beard.

    Once you’ve started growing your beard you might find that it can be a little itchy, but you need to fight the itch. When you first start to grow your beard the skin can become quite dehydrated, and the accumulation of dirt can cause it to itch.

    We recommend you regularly clean your facial hair as well as using a beard moisturiser or oil, not only will this keep your beard in good condition but it will also help relief the itching.

    Pick your perfect shape

    Deciding on what shape and length you want your beard early on can help in the long run. Once you know what style you want, you know what you have to achieve. There is no point in growing your beard for six months when is all you actually want is a short beard.

    If you’re unsure on what shape, length or style you’re after you could go to your barber once you’ve got a little bit of growth, for a little trim to keep your beard neat and tidy. Whilst you’re there you can discuss what style beard would suit your face with your barber, then you’ll know what to work towards.

    Don’t slack on the upkeep

    It is important to care for your beard, just like the hair on your head. You should regularly clean and condition your beard as well as using a beard oil. By doing this your beard will keep in good condition.

    Brushing your beard on a daily basis will keep it nice and tidy, daily brushing will remove any knots and leave the hairs looking smoother.

    If you’re struggling, try a beard transplant

    Sometimes growing a beard is harder than you might think. Often when growing a beard you’ll struggle with patches where the hair just will not grow. At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we’re experts in the FUE hair transplant procedure, something we can use to build up your beard.

    Our FUE beard transplants are a great way to build upon an already existing beard and can work to fill in any gaps and make your beard look more defined and fuller.

    If you would like more information on our treatments please contact us to book a no obligation consultation where we can help you achieve the perfect beard.

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