Is the pollution in London causing my hair loss?

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When it comes to hair loss there are a variety of different factors that can affect the rate and severity of hair loss. Most people will assume that their hair loss is due to their age or that it’s a hereditary condition. However, in some cases there are some environmental factors that can play a big part in hair loss.

With over 8.5 million people living in London, the number of those suffering with hair loss is also growing. Some causes of hair loss in London can be due to stress, age and even be genetic.

The pollution in London is an ever-growing concern, and this could be causing your hair loss.

Pollution in London

London hair lossAir pollution is the release of particles and noxious gases into the atmosphere. The emissions can be either natural or manmade, but both have a negative effect to the environment. London is one of the most polluted locations in the UK, due to the size of the city, the dense road network and high buildings.

Pollution in London is at its worse during still weather, during which time the pollution can get trapped between buildings. Ozone pollution can become a problem during spring and summer and is usually worse in London Suburbs rather than in the centre. You can easily check the pollution of your area online to find out if you are at risk.

Pollution and hair loss

Recent studies have highlighted the onset of male pattern baldness in relation to environmental factors, for example; pollution and smoking. It is believed that toxins and carcinogens that are found in polluted air can block mechanisms that produce the protein which hair is made from, resulting hair growth stopping.

It is thought that any form of pollution that is able to make its way into the bloodstream or into the skin, and then reach the hair follicle, is able to cause stress to the hair follicles and reduce the capacity of the hair to make a fibre.

One study, published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology conducted an experiment where hair follicles from balding men were removed. The samples were studied to find disruptions in the process of hair growth. The disruption was caused by oxidative stress, which is made worse by the effects of pollution and smoking

Can I stop hair loss?

can living in london cause hair loss 1In order to reduce your chance of hair loss due to pollution it is advised that if you are a smoker that you stop smoking, and to consider moving to a less polluted area. Doing this should have a positive impact on your health, as well as minimising the risk of hair loss.

If you have started to lose your hair and you think it could be due to the pollution of living in London, or for any other reason, come and see us. At the Harley Street Hair Clinic we offer a range of hair loss treatments, including the revolutionary FUE hair transplant.

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