• Male grooming resolutions

    Male grooming resolutions

    Grooming was a huge part of 2016 and there were a huge variety of different products and trends that we loved. There were also some times when we slacked without grooming routines, but today we’ve got some male grooming resolutions we should all stick to this year.

    Start caring for your skin properly

    Caring for your skin should be such an important part of your grooming routine, just simply washing your face and moisturising should be a staple in your grooming routine.

    Using the right products is important too. A simple bar of soap might be too strong to wash your face and could leave your skin dry and flaky. To keep your skin clean and retain moisture use a small amount of a mild gel or foaming face wash twice daily.

    Next up, moisturise. Moisturising your face is essential to keeping it looking and feeling smooth and healthy. Always moisturise properly, wash your face to start and then use a fingertip-sized amount of product, dot around your face and gently rub in.

    Spend a little bit of time finding the right products for your skin. Sensitive skin should stay away from any potential irritants like alcohol and fragrances and stick to more natural ingredients. Those with oily skin can benefit from ingredients such as salicylic acid to reduce the oiliness.

    Don’t only focus on your face

    Just like your face, the skin on your body needs moisture and care too. It is just as important as your face. It is important to moisturise your body on a daily basis, concentrating on areas such as knees, calves and elbows. These areas need more attention than the rest of the body as they have fewer oil glands.

    Try using moisturising body washes and vitamin E-rich moisturisers after your showers, don’t skimp or rush, try and cover all of your skin. You’ll thank yourself (and us) one day.

    Look after your facial hair

    Beards are still a huge trend for 2017 and whether your facial hair is short, long or even if you’re just got sideburns and a moustache you still need to take care of it.

    If you’re growing a beard you need to make sure you keep your skin clean and moisturised, this will help stop any itchiness and can release ingrown hairs. It’s important to keep your facial hair in good condition too, we recommend using a good beard moisturiser or oil each morning. This can help tame your beard and keep it in good condition and feeling soft.

    If clean-shaven is your thing, make sure you’re doing it properly. Always prep your skin and hair before shaving by washing your face. Then take out your shaving foam and a razor (that isn’t blunt) and shave against the grain, otherwise, you could end up damaging your facial hair.

    Struggling with growing the perfect beard? We might be able to help. Our FUE transplant procedure could help you achieve the perfect beard.

    Floss more

    It sounds like a bit of a chore but it is essential for your oral health and it will make all the difference.

    Flossing on daily basis (or even better, twice daily if you can manage) removes food and plaque trapped between teeth where your toothbrush cannot reach. You’ll end up with fresher breath and you’ll get rid of gum disease-causing bacteria. It’s a win, win situation.

    Deal with your thinning hair

    A great deal of men live with thinning hair, and you’ve probably tried every product on the market that is targeted for thinning hair. But do they really work? Most products help with the appearance of thinning hair but can’t actually solve the problem of hair loss.

    If you’ve been suffering with thinning hair and hair loss the New Year is a great time to finally deal with it. We’ve got some great hair loss treatments at the Harley Street Hair Clinic that can help you achieve thicker and fuller looking hair.

    If you would like some more information on our hair loss treatments please contact us for a no obligation consultation where we’ll be happy to help.
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