Natural hair remedies: green tea for hair loss

By Alex

Natural hair remedies is a huge topic that many people spend a lot of time researching. Trying to find a cure for hair loss is something many people are interested in. We receive an increasing number of questions around the topic of natural hair loss remedies and what products can cure hair loss.

As part of our natural hair remedies series, today, we’re going to take a look at green tea and how it can help hair loss.

What is green tea?

Green tea is a type of tea originated in China and made from Camellia sinensis leaves and buds that have not undergone the same withering and oxidation process used to make other types of tea. There are several varieties of green tea – these differ based on their variety of C sinensis used, growing conditions, horticultural methods, production processing, and the time of harvest.

Can green tea stop hair loss?

Although there has been a lot of research around green tea and the possible health effects of drinking the tea regularly, there is little evidence that drinking tea has any effects on your hair.

There is also a lot of chat around green tea and how it can actually stop hair loss. It is believed that the catechins found in green tea had 5-alpha-reductase inhibiting properties which means DHT (the substance that causes hair loss in both men and women) could be repressed and hair loss could be avoided. However, more recent studies have suggested that the anti-inflammatory properties that are in green tea are linked to hair growth.

So, does green tea repress DHT and work towards stopping hair loss or does it just aid hair growth? In a Study with mince it was highlighted that hair loss slowed in all mince who received green tea as well as triggering new hair growth.

As with most early studies, there are counter studies. Other studies have shown that green tea cannot stop hair loss by blocking DHT due to the number of genetic factors in hair loss and no amount of anti-inflammatory tea can actually work to stop hair loss.

Some studies may have shown how green tea can help to stop or even slow down hair loss and look to have positive results, however, it is important to remember that humans are different to mice and results will not always be the same. In order to get a definitive answer to natural remedies, such as green tea stopping hair loss more studies need to be done.

Should I still drink green tea for hair loss?

There is no harm in continuing to drink green tea for hair loss – green tea has other health benefits and studies suggest that drinking green tea on a regular basis can prevent illnesses, inflammatory diseases and arthritis. Green tea can also help to relax the body and reduce stress, stress being one of the biggest causes of temporary hair loss.

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