• Scar Repairs

    Scar Repairs

    Scarring, if found on the head or eyebrow region can leave the effected area bald. The latest hair replacement techniques offered at The Harley Street Hair Clinic can be used to repair the bald area of the scar.

    Those who have suffered a head injury, undergone surgery and those who have suffered permanent scarring due to inflammatory illnesses often request scar repairs.

    The results of such traumas can often leave a person with bald patches and can often be resolved with scar repairs. This does however depend on the nature of the scar tissue.

    The most common causes of scalp injuries are automobile accidents, sports injuries, birthmarks, burn injuries, face lifting surgeries and neurosurgeries. These injuries result in the destruction of hair follicles in those areas.

    Treatment of the scarred scalp is not undertaken lightly. The treatment requires careful examination of the scalp and considers numerous factors that can influence the outcome of the treatment before hand.

    For hair to grow, and for a hair transplant to be a success, there has to be an adequate blood supply. If the skin is too thick, there will not be an adequate blood supply and the transplant will not work.

    It the skin is too thin, then the transplant will not hold, and once again the surgery for the scar repair is unlikely to succeed. It is very important that you attend a consultation so that our experts can decide if the transplant is going to be suitable for you.

    If we believe you may be suitable for the treatment, to ensure a satisfactory result, it is common for one of our hair transplant specialists to transplant just a few hairs and monitor the result before we follow out a full transplant.

    We may utilise our expertise in SMP ( Scalp Micro Pigmentation) to help any scarring be undetectable and increase the appearance of volume in areas surrounding the scar region that can work tremendously well.

    Please remember that this treatment will not make the scar disappear, it will only add hair to it so that you can grow your hair, and the scar will become less noticeable.

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