• The best hairstyles for 2017

    The best hairstyles for 2017

    Getting a hair transplant is an exciting time and thinking about how to style your new head of hair can be even more exciting.

    The Harley Street Hair Clinic have rounded up the best hairstyles for 2017 to help you decide how to have your hair once you’ve started to see your hair transplant results. There is something for everyone to try out this year and we’re sure you’ll find your perfect style.

    Bald fade and crop

    A very popular haircut for men right now and very easy to style once you’ve had the initial cut. Featuring short-cropped hair on top, this look features a bald fade and is styled in a very natural way, which makes it easy to get up and go.

    The bald fade and crop is quick to style, simply towel dry or blow-dry the top of your hair and you’re ready to go. This style works really well for fine hair too.

    Short and spiky

    This is simple, short and traditional. Short and spiky does exactly what it says on the tin, get your hair cut to a short length all over, or with a slightly tapered look if you desire.

    This one will take a little more time in the morning, rub some hair gel or wax between the palms and mess up until you achieve your anticipated style.

    The sought after man bun

    Hugely popular and very sought after, the man bun does take a little bit of preparation, as you’ll need to grow it for a while. The perfect man bun can be achieved with shoulder length hair. Styling a man bun is easy, simply grab a hair band and tie into a messy bun.

    The only thing that might take a little more time is having to wash, dry and prep your hair but once you’ve got your man bun, you’ll be more than happy.

    Classic side part

    A classic style that looks smart and defined, you can achieve this look with hair that is a little longer on top. Simply go to your barber and get them to cut your hair to your desired length, have a tapered side for a neat and classic look and ask for a defined side parting.

    This will look great if you simply brush it to keep the side parting each morning and can be styled to look neater with the use of wax and a comb.

    Long slicked back

    A great look yet simple to achieve. Grow your hair to your desired length and then go to the barber and get them to tidy up the back a little. To style use a small amount of styling wax and push backwards with your hands, or for a neater style comb back and use a wax or hairspray to hold in place.

    If you would like any information about any of our hair loss treatments please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have and be sure to let us know what hairstyle you’ll be sporting in 2017 @hshairclinc.

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