The rise of the eyebrow transplant

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Over the past few years the biggest trend in beauty is the rise in the fuller brow. Times have changed and the most popular faces in fashion are all sporting the bold brow rather than the thin delicate brow that was once popular in the 90s.

The biggest models of the moment are all seen sporting thick dark brows, from Cara Delevingne to Lily Collins. These well groomed, strong eyebrows are taking face of the beauty industry with women going though different lengths to achieving the perfect power brow.

Why are my eyebrows so thin?

One of the most common reasons people enquire about an eyebrow transplant is because they have very thin eyebrows. In the 90’s the eyebrow trend was completely different to today, with brows being very thin and well groomed.

After years of over-plucking your eyebrows to obtain the once popular, extremely thin look of the 90s, you might be suffering with thin brows all these years later. Over-plucking your eyebrows can eventually cause the hairs to stop the growth cycle and leave you with sparse brows.

Some people might have extremely thin, if not non-existent, eyebrows and this could also be due to alopecia or even scars caused though injury or burning or age. All of these problems can be solved with FUE eyebrow reconstruction.

How can I achieve a fuller brow?

Achieving the look of a fuller eyebrow can be done without the need of a transplant. There are a variety of beauty products currently on the market to help you pencil in your eye brows to fake a fuller look, and even products that add fibres to the hair to make them appear fuller. These however, will not be permanent. Having to do this each morning can become quite time consuming.

Semi-permanent methods are also available such as eyebrow tattooing. You can achieve the look of an eyebrow by having tiny hairs tattooed in place, which can in some cases look slightly unnatural. Whilst it is a more permanent solution to makeup, this semi-permanent tattooing does fade and needs topping up yearly – the cost of which can really stack up.

A permanent solution to achieving the perfect eyebrow is a hair transplant. This can be used to completely rebuild a thinning eyebrow or repairing any gaps in your brows through scarring.

How does an eyebrow transplant work?

Our FUE eyebrow transplant works in the same way as our FUE hair transplant. Single hair grafts are taken from the head and prepared under a microscope. The eyebrows can be created or made denser depending on what exactly you need.

The hair extracted from the scalp is then delicately placed into tiny incisions that are angled in the right direction to mimic the natural growth of your eyebrows. The procedure is very delicate to ensure perfect placement of each hair follicle and the procedure if 100% micro-surgical with no scalpels needed and no stitches required.

Patients will regain their natural growing eyebrows with no side effects. However, the transplanted eyebrows must be periodically trimmed. We recommend doing this once a month, as the hair will grow the length of scalp hair.

The time and cost of the procedure will vary depending on what exactly you need. Creating an eyebrow will take more hair grafts than brows that need to be made denser and this will take much longer.

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we are experts in FUE hair transplants – with years of expertise undertaking this delicate operation. If you need an eyebrow transplant, don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you might have, or to get any information you need from a dedicated specialist.

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