• The stress of Christmas can lead to hair loss

    The stress of Christmas can lead to hair loss

    Christmas is a time of joy, time to spend quality time with friends and family and have fun. The run up to Christmas can sometimes not run as smoothly as you would have hoped.

    Today we’re looking into the stress of Christmas and how it can actually lead to hair loss.

    Christmas is the sixth most stressful life event

    On the scale of stressful life events, Christmas is up there with moving house, changing jobs and divorce and is actually the sixth most stressful life event.

    Christmas time can become stressful for a number of different reasons, 86% of people say that buying presents is extremely difficult, 65% find Christmas shopping to be a very stressful experience and 30% of people get stressed just at the thought of going shopping at Christmas.

    The results of a survey show that 61% of people lack inspiration when shopping and then worry that the recipient won’t like the gift they’ve chosen for them, and 60% of us have had a horrible experience buying a gift for someone and seeing disappointment on their faces when they open it.

    The run-up to Christmas and finding the perfect gift for everyone can be stressful enough, and that’s before the stress of the big day. It is thought that stress on Christmas day peaks at 12:56pm, just before Christmas dinner is served. 47% of us say that preparing Christmas dinner is the most demanding task of the day due to a mix of getting time right and coping with interfering relatives.

    How does stress affect my hair?

    There are different types of hair loss, some can be more severe than others and will require more medical attention than others. Stress related hair loss is called Telogen Effluvium and is one of the most common types of hair loss.

    Rather than your hair just simply falling out, when you lose your hair due to stress it firstly stops growing. It can then lie dormant for as long as three months before it begins to shed and actually falls out. The hair can, however, start to grow back during the following 6 to 9 months.

    Unlike severe types of hair loss if you’re suffering with Telogen Effluvium there is a chance your hair will resume its normal growth phase. If you manage to stop the stress your hair will continue to grow, if however, you’re experiencing on-going stress your hair might continue to stop growing and lie dormant.

    If you’ve experienced a lot of stress over the Christmas period you could experience some hair loss, which should stop as soon as the festive period comes to an end.

    Can I stop my hair from falling out?

    hair loss present
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    The only way to prevent stress related hair loss this Christmas, is to simply reduce your stress. We advise trying to get organised early, beat the Christmas rush by having your Christmas shopping list prepared early and getting your presents brought before December. This will save you a lot of time and stress during the mad Christmas rush in December.

    When it comes to Christmas day you can try to reduce stress by allowing everyone to pitch in, give everyone in the household a job to do to help you prepare Christmas dinner. This will take a lot of stress away from you, and help with everything running smoothly!

    We hope you have a fantastic stress free Christmas, and if you’re still worried about your hair loss please feel free to book a no obligation consultation with us to find out how we can help.

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