• The weekend grooming guide

    The weekend grooming guide

    There are so many different grooming products on the market as well as a vast amount of grooming guides available. It can sometimes be tough to decide what grooming routine has everything covered and is best for you.

    Our weekend grooming guide has all of your basics grooming needs covered, it’s a one-stop guide to help you get ready for the weekend.

    Cleanse your skin

    The first step to getting ready for the weekend is feeling fresh faced and the best way to do that is to get your skincare routine down. We recommend a simple skincare routine to start the day off, use a cleanser to remove any dirt and grime from the day before so you can start with a blank canvas.

    Next up use a toner to clarify and remove any remaining dirt from the skin to ensure your skin is completely clean and fresh. The last step to keeping your skin clean and fresh is moisturise, this will keep your skin soft, even and luminous.

    Visit your local barber

    A visit to your local barber is the perfect weekend treat. Getting your hair cut and styled by your local barber is the perfect way to start the weekend. You will feel much better with a new haircut and feel prepared for a weekend. Your hair will be well groomed and styled to perfection and if you feel like it you can go one step further and get your beard shaved or groomed at the barbers.

    Manage your facial hair

    Sometimes you don’t want to get your beard groomed at the barber but this is something you can easily manage at home on a weekly bases. If you like the clean shaved look, you need to make sure you’re having a proper shave. Make sure you prep your skin and use the right products when you do shave.

    If you’re more of a beard lover we recommend you use a beard wash to get rid of any dirt and grime from both your face and your beard. Next up use a comb and some scissors to trim any stray hairs to keep your beard looking neat and tidy. If you’re finding your skin or beard a little dry and itchy we recommend using beard oil.

    If you’re trying to grow a beard and you’re struggling, or if you’re finding it hard to grow a beard we might be able to help. We offer the revolutionary FUE beard transplant procedure, which can help restore a patchy beard.

    Repeat your routine to suit your schedule

    Keeping well groomed is easy if you can keep up your routine, you need to work out how often to you should repeat your routine. We recommend repeating your skincare routine on a daily basis both morning and evening to keep your skin at its best. Visiting your barber isn’t something you’ll have to do on a weekly basis, however, you can keep your hair looking smart by styling it at home each morning.

    Let us know some of your favourite grooming tips over on Twitter @hshairclinic.

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