• Wayne Rooney gets his head in the game

    Wayne Rooney gets his head in the game

    Wayne Rooney has returned to the Euros – leading the English squad in Euro 2016. The 30-year old captain of the squad said that he thinks his team can beat anyone they come up against in the tournament.

    It seems that will be put to the test today. After a disappointing 1-1 draw against Russia in their first game, they are now going to face a competitive Welsh team.

    Rooney, however, remained optimistic. “If we perform the way we did it will be difficult not just for Wales, but for any team to stop us. We’ve got a lot of good players – they’ve got some good players.”

    wayne rooney wales game euro16 tweet

    “I imagine we will have a lot of the ball and we will have to work very hard to try and break them down,” Rooney added.

    The England squad, under Rooney’s leadership, played very well in Marseille, when they faced off against Russia. It was only thanks to Added Time that Russia was able to score the equalising goal.

    Rooney – who famously had a hair transplant with us – has played in all Euro games that England have qualified for since 2004. In his first Euro game, 2004, he scored four goals and briefly became the youngest goalscorer in the history of the European Championship.

    Hopefully, we’ll see Rooney bring back some of that 2004 magic in his game against Wales. If England lose to Wales, they’ll need to win against Slovakia to make it out of the group.

    Wayne definitely impressed in his new role as a midfielder , utilising his skill and international experience.Hopefully he’ll continue to play well during this upcoming match against Wales.

    For now though, we’ll just have to wait. Good luck Wayne! Do us proud.

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