• What hair transplant clinic is the best?

    What hair transplant clinic is the best?

    Deciding to go ahead with a hair restoration procedure is quite a big decision. It would have taken a lot of thought and consideration before opting to go ahead with your procedure.

    The next step of picking where to get your treatment can be tough too, but we’re here to help by telling you what hair transplant clinic is the best.

    How do I pick a good hair transplant clinic?

    Picking a good hair transplant clinic can be quite difficult; there is a lot of misleading information on the Internet where clinics claim to be the ‘best clinic in the country’.

    When it comes to picking a hair transplant clinic one of our top tips is to visit the clinic, even if that means visiting a few different clinics around the country. Visiting a few clinics will give you an idea of how well run they are, how friendly and helpful the staff are, what the facilities are like as well as how easy they are to get too and what is in the surrounding areas, such as a hotel if you need one.

    It’s a good idea to pick a clinic with a good consultation process during our consultations we assess our patient’s current hair loss, discuss different treatment options and work directly with our patient’s to decide on the perfect treatment with them. We also look into future hair loss to give you realistic expectations as to what your hair will look like in years to come. Most clinics offer no obligations consultations and booking a few consultations in can help you get a feel for each clinic.

    We believe it is very important to take a look at the work previously done at the clinic. Most websites will have a results section showing you a verity of hair transplant and other hair restoration treatment results. This will allow you to see what kind of results you can expect from your chosen clinic. If you can’t find any case studies online for your clinic, you can always ask them during your consultation.

    Finally, it is important to ensure the clinic offers the right treatment for you. If you’re looking at getting an FUE hair transplant ensure your chosen clinic offers that and doesn’t only offer FUT transplants. Choosing a clinic that specialises in your treatment is also a positive aspect. We specialise in FUE hair transplants and our revolutionary technology and experienced doctors work to produce the most realistic and natural hair transplants possible.

    Are hair transplant clinics in England the best?

    When it comes to picking a hair transplant clinic one of the biggest debates is if you should stick to a hair transplant clinic in England or if you should go abroad to get a cheaper hair transplant.

    We personally believe that getting your hair transplant in England is a much safer bet. Most people that opt to get a hair transplant abroad because they believe it is going to be a much cheaper option (although this isn’t always the case), however, price should not be the only thing you consider.

    It is important to remember that England is home to some of the best hair transplant clinics in the world and in most cases you will know you’re in good hands. Healthcare facilities standards vary throughout the world, in the UK the CQC board regulates all reputable clinics and you know the standards will be high.

    What hair transplant clinic is the best for me?

    There is not one simple answer to ‘what is the best clinic’ but finding the best clinic for you is something that can be done. You simply need to find a high quality, reputable clinic that you feel comfortable in and that offers the treatment you want. This way you’ll leave with the results you wanted.

    If you would like more information on our clinic or any of our treatments please feel free to contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

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