• Why can’t I grow a beard?

    Why can’t I grow a beard?

    It might sound as easy as riding a bike, but for some people growing a bead can be a gruelling task that can end up taking a lot of work and time getting it right. The beard trend that has been popular for the last five or so years has not calmed down at all, a nicely groomed beard seems to be something most men want.

    If you’re struggling to get the perfect shape, getting past the patchy stage or just want some tips on grooming your beard read on to find out how the Harley Street Hair Clinic can help.

    How to start your beard off?

    Shave it off. You might think this is the opposite of what you should be doing it you want to grow a beard, but sometimes, it’s just better to start fresh. Take out your razor and have a look at our grooming guide to make sure you’re having a proper shave.

    Next step, wait. Your fresh facial hair will start to grow, this can be a little bit itchy but you just need to fight the itch. The skin can become dehydrated and dirt can get stuck in the hairs – causing the itch. To try and stop this, simply wash your face and facial hair on a daily basis and use a beard moisturise to keep the facial hair and skin in good condition (this should help with the itching too).

    Be patient

    You’ll need to be patient and wait for your beard to grow. It’s a good idea to decide on the shape and length you’re aiming for as deciding this early on can help in the long run. This will help you decide how long you need to grow your hair out for, there is no point in letting it grow for months if you want something short and neat.

    Once you’ve decided this it’s important to do a little upkeep yourself, as well as the daily washing and moisturising tidy your beard up a little bit. Comb it out every few days and trim up any stray hairs, this will result in the beard looking neat and tidy – even during the growth phase.

    Visit a barber

    It’s been a few months and you’ve finally got the start of a good beard coming along. We recommend you now visit your barber to get it cut into shape. Visiting your barber on a regular basis will mean you’ll always look neat and tidy as you’ll have a perfectly groomed beard!

    Visit us

    If you’ve tried everything, and you still can’t seem to grow a beard, it might be time to visit us at the clinic. We use the revolutionary FUE transplant procedure to help those who might have a patchy beard get the results they desire. Our treatment can be used to help shape up your beard and get it to look fuller than normal!
    If you would like any more information on our treatments please contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

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