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When making decisions surrounding hair loss and specific procedures it’s best to speak with an expert. At The Harley Street Hair Clinic it is our duty to be open and transparent with all of our patients. As a world-class clinic that has conducted thousands of safe and successful hair transplants, we always strive to create a hair restoration experience that will leave all of our patients happy with their results.

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What to expect during your consultation

Have you ever wondered what happens at a hair transplant consultation?

Following your enquiry you will be asked to upload some photos which will be kept confidential. You will then have an initial video call with one of our hair loss specialists.

Questions that we will wish to discuss during your consultation are the following:

● Have you had a previous hair transplant? If so, when and how many grafts were used?
● Do you have a family history of hair loss?
● What are your expectations?
● At what age did you notice hair loss?

During your video call we will gather further information surrounding your hair loss history and share information about hair transplants, explain the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique and additional treatments for hair loss.

We see a range of patients. Some have done their research and have a depth of understanding regarding hair loss treatments. However, for many it’s their first time delving into this space so they have less knowledge. That’s completely fine – we urge patients to seek knowledge and there really is no such thing as a silly question. All of our specialists are highly qualified and will answer your questions and deal with your concerns.

Online Consultation

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Our purpose-built clinic

Our clinic was purpose-built with hair transplant procedures in mind. We have four state of the art procedure rooms and we use the best medical equipment to ensure your hair transplant results are the best we can give.

Our procedure rooms all have full multimedia access so that you can enjoy music, browse the internet or watch a film during your procedure.

Thousands of happy patients

We are proud that our FUE procedures have been a successful and transformative experience for so many patients.