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Hair Track: Our revolutionary hair tracking app

We have launched a new mobile app, “Hair Track”. Designed to help individuals track their hair loss and growth. Download the app today.

Treatment type

FUE Hair Transplant
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Bel Priestley, 19, an actress and content creator from London visited the Harley Street Hair Clinic for a transgender hair transplant as part of her transition.

“You want people that understand you “

This was Bel’s first surgery, although nervous at first she spoke to her friend Charlie Craggs who had previously had the same treatment with us which made her feel more at ease.

Our team worked with Bel to create a new hairline that took on a more feminine shape. During her acting career, Bel has had some crazy hairstyles – many involving having her hair up, something that made her conscious. Having a hair transplant allows Bel the freedom to style her hair however she wants.

“Hairlines are such an important thing in a transition for me”


Replying to @melanie hope this helped 😚😚😚 #trans #uk

♬ original sound – Belle🖤

“So important to get it right and look as feminine and real as possible and Dr Ness did a great job”


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