Hair Transplant

Life Long and Life Altering Procedures

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The Hair Transplant UK Leaders

Our modern hair transplant techniques can get you back to feeling your best possible self. Enjoy a confidence boost with our hair transplant procedures.

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Ideal Candidates For Hair Transplant

Hair transplants for men & women are typically advised after hair loss has stabilised. Book a hair transplant consultation in London to discuss your eligibility and options available.

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Premium Hair Transplant Processes

Our London hair transplant clinic is a world leading facility, renown for our surgeon’s leading results that have helped alter the stigma around hair loss in both men and women.

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Harley street hair clinic London

Meet The HSHC Team

The team at our London hair transplant clinic are all highly experienced, specialist doctors. We provide expert hair transplants using the latest technologies that patients can trust. Doctors, not nurses, perform hair transplants at the Harley Street Hair Clinic, promising to safeguard every donor hair and provide natural results for all patients.

The Harley Street Story

Harley Street Hair Clinic are world renowned providers of hair transplants in the UK. We are perhaps the most recognised and talked about facility for hair transplants because we’ve worked on high-profile clients. Our services are available to men and women suffering from hair loss, but we also work to change attitudes and perceptions of hair transplants.

Harley street hair clinic hair transplant London
Wayne Rooney hair transplant

Renowned UK Hair Transplants

We are proud to be the world’s leading provider of hair transplants, operating in the heart of London’s medical district in Harley Street. Our surgeons and team members all have an active role in de-stigmatising hair loss in both men and women. Our work has been seen across the world on public figures, including Wayne Rooney, you can check out his case study and see what he had to say about his hair transplant in London.

Hair transplants are more common than many patients initially think. Operating doctors strategically place hair follicles to replicate natural hair growth. We understand the long process of decision making that goes into committing to an aesthetic procedure. Our team are understanding and informative to help you achieve your desired look wherever possible. We are proud that our seo UK hair transplants have been a successful and transformative experience for so many patients.

Hair Transplant London

We believe that hair loss does not need to be all you think about, especially when you are only 25. Our hair transplant results speak for themselves, but we are dedicated to ensuring all our patients are treated fairly and understand the process they are signing on for. Our doctors and experts can provide face to face consultations to discuss the procedure with each client at our hair transplant clinic in London, and work to understand the patient’s desired results. Harley Street Hair Clinic provide satisfaction and renewed confidence with simple, restorative or replacement surgeries.

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