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Treatment type

FUE Hair Transplant
Treatment date

May 1, 2019


Female hairline reshaping

Grafts 811
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Johanna visited the Harley Street Hair Clinic for an initial consultation after wanting to discuss lowering her hairline that had become thinner over time. As an influencer, Johanna is regularly in front of the camera and had become self-conscious of her thinning hairline and how it could make her forehead appear larger.

Johanna shared with us that her mother had a similar issue with her hairline which over time became thinner and thinner. Feeling as if hair loss is something that can make you look older, Johanna wanted to discuss how an FUE hair transplant could help to restore her hairline and make her feel more comfortable and confident before the hairline thinned further.Johanna’s results

We were able to restore a natural and soft looking hairline for Johanna using our FUE hair transplant procedure. Grafts were placed around the already existing hair to lower and soften the hairline to create a natural and feminine hairline.

During the extraction part of the procedure, we were able to use a line shaving technique where a small section of the hair at the back of the scalp is trimmed which can be covered after the surgery. We can use this on smaller procedures such as Johanna’s rather than having to shave the whole scalp as on many of our larger FUE surgeries.

Johanna came into us for a check-up after 2 weeks, and again after 6 months, you can see the progress photos below. As you can see the newly transplanted hair has started to form a soft and flattering hairline. We’ll be inviting Johanna back in for her 1-year post-op check-up soon and we can’t wait to see her full results.

before hair transplantafter hair transplant

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