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Treatment type

FUE Hair Transplant
Treatment date

October 1, 2019


Female Hairline Reshaping

Grafts 723
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Charlie Craggs, a trans activist and author from London visited the Harley Street Hair Clinic to complete her transition from male to female. Charlie has had numerous surgeries during her transition and felt that her hairline needed to be more feminine so that she could feel comfortable in herself. Working with Charlie on a transgender hair transplant we will be able to create a more feminine hairline. 

During male puberty, Charlie lost a lot of hair at a young age. Charlie struggled with her receding hairline and was very conscious of her appearance. Knowing that the hair loss would continue to worsen over time, she did not think a hair transplant was the answer right away.  However, after going onto hormone blockers the hair loss began to stabilise allowing her to consider treatment options. 

As with all of her surgery Charlie spent a lot of time researching where she would get her hair transplant and has always known the importance of finding a good clinic after seeing friends who have had botched surgeries due to going abroad to get the treatment cheaper.

Charlie’s results  

Before coming to us, Charlie chose to do a combination method where she had her hairline lowered and wanted to then opt for a hair transplant to perfect her hairline. 

Charlie was hoping to wake up in the morning and just be herself without feeling like she needs put on her femininity. Our doctors worked closely with Charlie to ensure her new hairline was feminine and natural. 

Due to the number of grafts, we needed to transplant as well as working with scar tissue Charlie’s hair transplant will be done over two sessions. Charlie will need to return to the clinic in around six months to continue her treatment. 

We’re excited to continue this journey with Charlie and see her final results.

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