Steven Fletcher’s Hair Transplant Result


FUE Hair Transplant


Norwood 5A



Steven Fletcher The Sunderland and Scottish International Football Striker Shares in his Experience of his First Hair Transplant in 2013

The video is shot on the morning of his second transplant procedure to address the crown region after a fantastic restoration of the frontal hairline which was completed in March 2013.

The priority in the first procedure was to restore the hairline and address some thinning of the mid-section region to frame the facial features and add more volume and body to the frontal third of the scalp.

The second procedure enables us to add further density and volume to the mid-section as well as strengthen the crown area. We look forward to seeing his result develop further from his final procedure.

We thank Steven for sharing on his FUE Hair Transplant experience and demonstrating that with good planning and postop care that the results can be achieved with minimal impact on your personal and work schedule


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