ATP Advanced Tricho Pigmentation

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic we’re experts in hair restoration. We specialise in the revolutionary FUE hair transplants and offer the best hair replacement service for all clients.

For those who are noticing thinning or balding hair, but do not yet need a hair transplant, or are not suitable candidates for one, we also offer the leading edge ATP (Advanced Tricho Pigmentation) procedure.

What is ATP?

Advanced Trico Pigmentation is an innovative, highly specialised treatment offered exclusively at the Harley Street Hair Clinic.

ATP works to achieve the appearance of natural hair. The revolutionary method can be used to help the appearance of fullness on both the scalp and brow area.

Our treatment is similar to other pigmentation treatments on the market, such as scalp micro pigmentation (SMP). However, our advanced treatment and specialised team work towards getting you the best possible results.

How does ATP work?

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation works in a similar way to a tattoo. Natural pigments are applied to the patient on either the scalp or brow area and our team of experts work to delicately replicate the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp, and natural strokes on the brow area to replicate each individual brow hair.

The specialised process deposits tiny amounts of pigment to the recipient area and positions it within the dermal layer of the skin. Once applied by one of our highly skilled technicians you’ll see realistic results that replicate real hair.

Will ATP work for me?

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 15.43.14Our ATP treatment can create realistic, natural looking hair for a variety of different people. Clients are able to specify what they want to achieve with the treatment and our specialist’s work towards creating that desired look.

ATP can work on thinning hair to create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair, it can be used to help build upon a receding hair line and can be used all over the scalp to create the look of a realistic fully shaven head. In some cases, the treatment can be used to disguise scars.

The treatment can also be used to achieve natural looking eyebrows. Our team of experts can use the pigment to build upon existing eyebrows for a fuller and more defined look and again, can help to disguise any scarring that could be in the brow area. We offer both semi-permanent and permanent options so that we can cater for all.

How is ATP different?

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 15.33.04ATP was designed from the ground up to mimic hair. The entire system has been created from the beginning to offer the finest, most natural pigment hair restoration system possible.

This differs to other options, as it is not simply a tattoo or ink delivery system modified to replicate hair. It is a complete system that is designed to replicate hair and nothing else. The technology and products we use are more advanced and this means we can create the most natural looking and realistic results.

With the use of custom needles that have been engineered over a span of five years, we can provide the smallest dots with our ATP treatment, which translates to the most accurate reproduction of scalp stubble. We use custom pigments that are manufactured to meet EU standards, which are the most stringent pigment standards in the world, to ensure clients are receiving the best service.

Our custom machines are used to drive and control the needles and the pigment delivery is customised inside and out. The software behind our machines is computer controlled and well written and efficiently executed to properly control the machine. This includes the speed of the needle oscillation to assist us in delivering the most natural result possible.

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we always strive to bring you the best possible treatments to ensure we always achieve the highest quality results, resulting in natural and undetectable treatments.

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