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Hair Transplant Costs – The Full Story

In our years of extensive experience in dealing with questions and enquiries about hair transplant procedures, we’ve certainly learned that one of the first questions prospective patients have is ‘what is the cost of a FUE hair transplant?’

The cost of a procedure is dependent on many factors including the overall complexity of the case and ‘individual hair characteristics’ including the amount of hair to transplant to achieve the patient’s desired result. The planning of the procedure needs to include a review of potential for further loss and how best to use the available donor hair for the patient’s lifetime.

For this reason, those enquiring about hair transplantation prices and procedures are invited to our Harley Street Hair Clinic for a one-to-one personal consultation with a specialist to assess everything properly. Every head of hair is different and every case unique, but you don’t need to be on a football star’s salary to afford a full head of hair.

Our FUE Hair Transplant cost guidelines

We were one of the first clinics to provide a hair transplant graft calculator in order to give a general or approximate idea and provide a reasonable estimate of costs based on the area to be treated – with a guide to the number of grafts required.

Our cost guidelines work alongside our graft calculator to give you an estimated cost dependant on your type of hair loss and how many grafts you will need.

Male Pattern Hair Loss 1
1500/1200£3,000 – £5,000
11200/2880£5,000 – £9,000

Male Pattern Hair Loss 2
11200/3000£5,000 – £9,000
23000/7000£8,000 – £15,000

Eyebrow Hair Loss
1200/450£3,000 – £5,000
1/2400/900£5,000 – £9,000

The True Cost of Hair Transplantation

We know that there is a lot more to the real issue of costs than just the price of the hair transplant. Asking about hair transplant costs is really only the first stage of trying to assess all of the costs, factors, and values, involved.

The fact is that the real costs are a balance of many factors. There are costs in not having a transplant. Additionally, there are often certain bonuses beyond just appearance alone in getting a transplant that affects the ‘cost’. Let us discuss some of those factors.

The Hidden Benefits of Hair Transplants

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic we deal with high-profile clients, including actors, footballers, TV presenters and more. Some of these can gain a direct benefit in income from looking younger. Sponsorships, endorsements and ads want to appeal to a wider audience and sometimes looking younger and being more confidants will help you with this.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to benefit financially. Many people find that the confidence boost a hair transplant brings has had a direct performance on their work and salaries.

Cost Savings of Hair Transplants

When looking at the cost of something, we also need to look at the cost of the alternatives. For example, when buying a meal at a restaurant, that’s one less meal you are paying for eating at home, and also one less load of washing up to do.

Well, there are similar cost balances when looking at hair restoration too.

By the time most people have even considered a hair transplant, they have already spent a great deal of money on expensive hair treatments to make their hair thicker, to find they don’t actually work. Some might have purchased expensive wigs and hairpieces to try and hide their hair loss.

These costs are just maintenance, and not a cure or a solution, just an on-going treatment and expense.

Most clients have only 2 procedures in a lifetime, and the second is generally to graft hair follicles in areas that the hairline receded to later, after the initial transplant. The hallmark of our work at the Harley Street Hair Clinic is providing a bespoke individualised treatment to ensure the procedure gives natural undetectable results that last a lifetime.

The most significant gains patients experience is a boost to self-confidence and freedom from the anxiety of hair loss, which our patient’s feedback surveys agree is priceless.

We welcome you to visit us to show how we can achieve this for you.

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