The cost of an FUE hair transplant is dependent on many factors including the overall complexity of the transplant, as well as other ‘individual hair characteristics’, including the amount of hair to transplant to achieve the patient’s desired result. 

The planning of the procedure needs to include a review of the potential for further loss and how best to use the available donor hair for the patient’s lifetime. 

The quickest way to find out how much your hair transplant will cost is to have a no-obligation, one-on-one consultation with one of our specialists.

How much does an FUE hair transplant cost? 

The price of a hair transplant will vary greatly depending on how much hair you need to have transplanted. For moderate hair loss, you can expect to pay between £3,000 and £9,000. However, if you have more extensive hair loss, an FUE hair transplant can cost between £5,000 and £15,000.

Still wondering exactly how much it will cost? Contact us for a one-on-one consultation. Every head of hair is different and every case unique, but you don’t need to be on a football star’s salary to afford a full head of hair.

How much does 1500 hair grafts cost?

Hair transplants are usually costed up by the number of grafts that are required for the transplant. Each graft usually costs around £3-£4. Therefore, a hair transplant that requires 1500 hair grafts will cost between £5,000 to £6,000.

Want to know how many grafts you’ll need? Try the hair graft calculator →

Male Pattern Hair Loss 1

1500/1200£3,000 – £5,000
11200/2880£5,000 – £9,000

Male Pattern Hair Loss 2

11200/3000£5,000 – £9,000
23000/7000£8,000 – £15,000

Eyebrow Hair Loss

1200/450£3,000 – £5,000
1/2400/900£5,000 – £9,000

The True Cost of Hair Transplantation

Although there is a higher cost attached to hair transplants than there is to other hair loss solutions, there is a lot to be said for the true cost of a hair transplantation. 

The emotional rewards 

The first is the emotional reward. Many people who experience baldness suffer more from a loss of confidence than anything else, no matter how minor the hair loss actually is. 

Although there are other methods to combat hair loss, such as wigs and hairpieces, these can often cover the hair loss but not change how confident you feel inside. Many people who are experiencing baldness feel as if they are carrying around a ‘secret’ that will be discovered at any time. Trying to hide this ‘secret’ with a wig or hairpieces often doesn’t work. 

But having an FUE hair transplant provides a permanent solution to hair loss. There is nothing to hide, nothing to cover up. No secrets. Which allows you to return to your old self. Strong, confident and free. 

The most significant gains our hair transplant patients experience is a boost to self-confidence and freedom from the anxiety of hair loss.   

Check out our other case studies to see how we’ve helped people get their confidence back.
Case studies → 

A single payment

When comparing hair transplants to other methods of hair restoration or hair treatments, for example, topical treatments like Finasteride, or even hairpieces, hair transplants are always the most cost-effective. 

For the cost of a years’ Finasteride treatment, you could get one FUE transplant that will last a lifetime – with no post-Finasteride Syndrome.  

Most clients have only 2 hair transplant procedures in a lifetime, with the second generally being to graft hair follicles in areas that the hairline receded to after the initial transplant. The hallmark of our work at the Harley Street Hair Clinic is providing a bespoke individualised treatment to ensure the procedure gives natural undetectable results that last a lifetime. 

Want to know how we can make a difference in your life? Contact us for a no-obligation consultation. 

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