Male hair loss

We treat all types of men hair loss at the Harley Street Hair Clinic. Nevertheless, in order to determine what treatment would be the best solution for you, we first need to determine what type of hair loss you are experiencing.

In general, male pattern baldness is separated into three categories. The first category is androgenetic alopecia. This is the most common type of male hair loss, affecting 98% of men who experience hair loss in their lifetime. This usually begins with a receding hair line and can often result in severe hair loss eventually.

Apart from androgenetic alopecia, there is also Telogen effluvium and non pattern hair loss. The former is hair loss that is usually caused by the likes of medication, diet patterns, stress, and thyroid abnormalities. The latter relates to any random and rare hair loss experienced, such as scarring alopecia and compulsive hair pulling (also known as trichotillomania).

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