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Asian Women 3A hair type

Do you have 3A hair, or are you wondering if it’s your hair type? You’re in the right place. 3A hair is a beautiful hair type defined by its loose curls. It’s full of life and body and can be styled in various ways, but it can sometimes be challenging to manage. Here, you’ll find out how to define 3A hair, as well as the best way to look after it to prevent breakage and hair loss.

The Characteristics of 3A Hair

3A hair is defined by its loose ringlets. It has very defined curls, but they are loose, giving a wavy and full-bodied effect on those with this hair type. They are springy and bouncy and are often on those with either fine or medium-textured hair.

As well as being curly and full of body, 3A hair can also experience a lot of dryness, frizziness, and breakage, especially if the hair isn’t looked after properly. That’s why it’s so essential to establish a good hair care routine that matches your hair type.

3A hair care

How to Tell if You Have 3A Hair

It’s not always easy to tell what hair type you have, even when you know the characteristics. The best way to see if you have 3A hair is to understand the different hair types. There are four overarching categories of hair types: straight, wavy, curly, and kinky, with 3A falling under the “curly” category. Within this category, 3A curls are the softest and loosest, whereas 3C has tighter ringlets. Looking at an image of each hair type will give you a clearer idea of what type your hair is.

Celebrities with 3A Hair

Sometimes, it helps to see other people with a specific hair type to determine if you fall under the same category. From movie stars to TV personalities, here are the most famous women with 3A hair.


Zendaya rose to fame when starring in the Disney Channel sitcom “Shake it Up” and has since taken Hollywood by storm, starring in the likes of major hits such as “Dune Part 1” and “Spiderman No Way Home”. When in its natural state, Zendaya has thick, curly hair that can only be defined as type 3A – it has a lot of body and clearly defined ringlets but is still loose and somewhat wavy.

Zendaya - 3A hair type

Annalyne McCord

Annalyne McCord, known for starring in 90210, has a head full of natural and beautiful curls. While she does straighten her hair from time to time, she is also often seen sporting her natural locks. You can tell McCord has 3A hair due to the tightness of the curls – they certainly aren’t loose enough to fall under the “wavy” category. However, the ringlets aren’t quite as tight as 3B or 3C hair.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian often wears her hair straight, but her natural hair type is quite different. She showed off her natural curls in an Instagram post, stating that she rarely wears her natural hair texture. [1] Judging by her Instagram photos, her natural hair certainly suits her well!

Khloe Kardashian 3A hair natural

Hair Care Tips for 3A Hair

Curly hair is often beautiful, but that doesn’t mean it’s the easiest hair type to look after. 3A curly hair, in particular, can be difficult to manage, as the curls are more prone to dryness and breakage when compared to other hair types. [2] It’s common for people with type 3A hair to experience dry, damaged hair if they don’t look after it properly. The good news is that a few alterations to your hair care routine can prevent that, leading to a head full of lusciously loose curls.

Use a Deep Conditioner

Your hair needs lots of conditioner, especially if you have 3A hair, as this hair type has a tendency to dry out. A good deep conditioner will thoroughly moisturise the curls, keeping the strands smooth and soft. Even better – use a hair mask at least once a week to make sure your hair is as hydrated as possible. You may also consider investing in a leave-in conditioner to ensure your locks stay conditioned all throughout the day.

Scrunch, Scrunch, Scrunch

To define your curls as much as possible, get into a routine of scrunching your hair after you have washed it. The process is simple – you just need to flip your head over and scrunch your hair up. Not only will this help any conditioning products sink into the strands, but it will also help give you the best, most defined curls once your hair is dry. Less frizz, more bounce!

Scrunching 3a Hair

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Washing your hair daily will only lead to dryer locks, as many shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils. With curly hair, you only really need to wash your hair 1-2 times per week. You can always keep your hair fresh with a spritz of dry shampoo between washing days.

Reconsider Your Sleeping Routine

The way you sleep can have a significant effect on the state of your hair. For 3A hair, it’s all about protecting the curls. Sleeping on a silk pillow is highly recommended, as it absorbs less moisture when compared to cotton, [3] meaning your hair will retain any moisturising products you have put into it (such as a leave-in conditioner). On top of that, the smoothness of silk reduces the chances of breakage and frizziness while you sleep, so you’re more likely to wake up with smooth, manageable curls.

3A hair type sleep tips

Leave the Locks Alone

Yes, you’ll need to touch and brush your hair while styling it, but avoid touching it too much. Excessive brushing and touching can often lead to frizziness and breakage. If you do it too much, it could even lead to hair loss. So, once your hair is dry, leave it alone – let your curls shine without too much interruption!

3A Hair and Hair Loss

Everyone can experience hair loss, even those with naturally thick hair. Unfortunately, many people with curly hair end up with hair loss due to its tendency to break over time. Without looking after it correctly, your once full 3A hair could end up with patchy, thinning spots.

It’s important to get to the root cause of hair loss before treating it, as that way, you’ll be able to select the best treatment option for restoring your 3A curly hair. Here are some of the most common causes of hair loss:

  • Genetics
  • Too Much Styling
  • Stress
  • Age
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Pregnancy

Genetics plays a significant role in determining whether or not you will experience hair loss – even if you look after your 3A hair really well with high-quality leave-in conditioners and hair masks, that doesn’t mean you’ll definitely avoid hair loss in the future if it’s in your genes. Luckily, there are solutions.

Treating 3A Hair Loss

3A hair loss can be treated using a variety of methods. If you’re experiencing hair loss, consider the following.


One of the most popular and effective hair restoration treatments for male and female pattern baldness is minoxidil. It’s a topical treatment that needs to be applied to the scalp once a day to stimulate hair growth. It is very effective in a lot of cases and worth trying if you’re experiencing hair loss.


Finasteride is another popular hair restoration treatment, but this one’s just for men. It’s an oral treatment that blocks the DHT hormone, which can help your hair grow back.

Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are highly effective for restoring hair, as they take healthy hair follicles from a healthy donor area and transplant them into the problem area, leading to natural hair growth. This can be done on curly hair, and your doctor will be able to come up with the ideal treatment plan for a natural look. Arguably, the most popular hair transplant is the FUE method, as this involves extracting individual hair follicles, which leads to a more natural finish. If you’re interested in discussing this procedure with a top surgeon, get in touch with the HS Hair Team today.

Focus on Prevention

While you can’t always prevent androgenetic alopecia, you can do your part to avoid hair breakage. Look after your 3A curly hair as much as possible by avoiding too much heat and using moisturising products to reduce your chances of experiencing hair loss. Prevention is always easier than treating a problem!

3A Hair: Loose Curls that are Worth Taking Care of

Your hair type is caused by genetics, meaning you cannot fundamentally change the characteristics of your natural hair. The best thing to do is to learn your hair type and work with it. With 3A curly hair, that means giving the strands lots of conditioner and avoiding touching and washing them too much. Remember, if you’re experiencing hair loss, there is a hair loss treatment available out there that will work for you. You don’t need to put up with bald, thinning patches – with something like a medical treatment like minoxidil or a procedure like a hair transplant, you can enjoy a head full of curls once more.


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