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Everyone knows about how careful we must be with the hair on our head, but upkeep is fairly standard and easy to maintain, such as making sure shampoo is washed out and conditioner regularly used.

Most people realise that their faces are one of the most sensitive parts of our body and they can require a very particular cleansing routine. But what about the hair on our face? Whether you have a beard, stubble, or are clean-shaven, the same rule applies: you must be careful with your hair in order to avoid causing permanently damaged hair folicles and long term facial hair loss.

Here at Harley Street Hair Clinic we will talk you through the most common mistakes and bad habits when it comes to facial hair upkeep, so that you don’t have to make them before you find out.

A Blunt Razor Damages Hair Folicles

This is for all those that enjoy that classic clean shaven look, and maybe it seems like an obvious mistake to make. However, all too often men are using a blunt razor, which not only has an effect on the level of the shave, but can also cause some fairly unpleasant skin irritation and even encourage ingrown hairs.

Investing in high quality shaving gear and regularly changing blades can really help contribute to avoiding damage to your facial hair and skin. Over time, a blunt or rusty razor can lead to long term facial hair loss.

Is Your Shampoo Causing Facial Hair Loss?

Whether you like to maintain stubble or have a full beard – you’ll still need to wash your facial hair. Or if you clean shave you may even use soap to shave. But both these practices should really be avoided.

Washing your facial hair with soap or shampoo can leave your skin seriously dry, ultimately leading to particularly uncomfortable itchiness. Similarly, both using regular soap and shaving are processes that cause skin dehydration, so mixing the two and shaving with soap will undoubtedly ensure irritation.

The Beard Pick 

Picking or pulling at your facial hair may well be tempting, but get too much into the habit and there is no doubt that it can cause damaged hair folicles on the face, perhaps preventing your beard from achieving a complete, full look.

Playing with it – especially in one specific spot – can be damaging to the hair follicles and lead to holes appearing in that carefully-crafted beard. Avoid a patchy beard that will never grow back by resisting the temptation to pick at it and gives off the appearance of facial hair loss.

All Out of Luck? There Is Always The Beard Transplant

Perhaps you have already made too many of these mistakes on a regular basis and your beard is damaged beyond repair. Or maybe your facial hair has always been a bit patchy. Beard transplants have become really popular in recent times, and are a great option for anyone not happy with the condition of their facial hair. Beard transplants work similarly to a standard hair transplant, and are just as successful. They also grow naturally and at a normal rate.

Please do not hesitate to come and talk to one of our specialists if you are considering any kind of hair treatment and would like advice, or if you would just like some more information about the FUE hair transplant technique and beard transplants that we offer.

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