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hair cuts for thinning hair

Most people dream of lusciously healthy and manageable hair, but that isn’t always the case. One annoying hair problem is a thinning fringe, which can make styling your fine hair in the morning a lot more of a pain. The good news is that a simple change of hairstyle might be enough to combat this problem! In this article, you’ll learn all the best haircuts for a thinning fringe, as well as other options for those with more severe hair loss/thinning.

What is a Thinning Fringe?

A thinning fringe is when hair at the front of the scalp becomes thinner, causing your fringe (or bangs) to look less thick than usual. Some people naturally have a thin fringe because of their hair type, whereas others might experience a thinning fringe over time due to hair loss. In either case, there are haircuts that will make your fringe all the more flattering, which we’ll go into below.

Bangs Haircut for Thin Hair

These are the types of bang haircuts for thin hair:

hair cuts for thinning hair

A Wispy Fringe

A wispy fringe – often referred to as wispy bangs – involves thin strands of hair that allow for plenty of gaps. It’s wispy, meaning the thinness is intentional and can look very pretty. They are super easy to style, too.

A Curtain Fringe

You don’t need a full fringe to enjoy how it frames your face! If you don’t have a lot of hair at the front, a curtain fringe can work excellently. This involves having a longer fringe at the sides, without any hair in the middle, and suits many hair types.

Slight Bangs

Why not go really short? Thin hair often works well when it’s short, as it has a better chance of having lots of body. Slight bangs involve a very short fringe and are typically accompanied by a short pixie haircut.

A Side Fringe

What about a fringe that sweeps to the side? Side-swept bangs work well for thin hair as they are flexible and manageable. Generally, a side-swept fringe looks best on those with straight hair.

A Feathered Fringe

Another bangs haircut for thin hair that makes the most of thinner locks is feathered bangs. This style uses a lot of texture, thinning out the front of the fringe for a style that has a lot of body. If you like an intentionally ‘messy’ hairdo, this one is for you. It can look very classic and clean-looking when styled properly and add volume to your locks!

A See-Through Fringe

Why not lean into thinning hair at the front by opting for a see-through fringe? This type of fringe uses the smallest amount of hair to create an incredibly wispy appearance. It’s usually thicker at the sides and gets very thin and wispy in the middle. The result is a delicate, pretty fringe that gently frames the face.

A Bottleneck Fringe

A bottleneck fringe involves longer hair at the sides and then a shorter middle. It works well for thinner fringes because of its shorter length. It’s a fantastic haircut for framing the face, too – it’s very flattering!

Choppy Bangs

Lean into more texture and style with some choppy bangs. This type of fringe looks uneven on purpose, giving more life to the fringe. The difference in length is minimal, but it’s enough to create a layered, textured look that works even on the thinner fringes.

A Layered Fringe

One of the best layered styles for fine hair is a layered fringe. This choppy, textured style makes the most of your hair by using layers in a clever way that adds to face framing. It works well for wavy or curly hair – layered curly bangs can look very cute!

Long Curtain Bangs

If you have more length, you could opt for long curtain bangs, which frame the face beautifully. This is a lot like a normal curtain fringe, but the fringe itself is a lot longer. In some cases, it can go all the way down to your chin.

What About the Worst Haircuts for Thin Hair with Bangs?

You now know some of the best bangs for thin hair – what about the worst?

hair cuts to avoid for thinning hair

Blunt Bangs

If you have thin hair, it’s not a good idea to choose blunt bangs. This style only works well for people with thicker hair so that there are no gaps – with thin hair, you’ll likely experience gaps in the blunt fringe, which won’t look as good.

A Pinup Fringe

In the 1950s, many stylish women wore the pinup fringe, which was a staple for the American model Bettie Page. To pull this style off, you need thick, full hair – thinner hair won’t create the same effect. So, if your fringe is thin or wispy, it’s a good idea to avoid this one!

Braided Bangs

Braided bangs can look extremely cute, but they don’t add volume at all. Plus, the best braided bangs use a lot of hair to create the style – if you have thin hair, the braids will be noticeably thin.

Making Your Fringe Look Fuller

As well as getting the right haircut, you can also use these tips for a fuller-looking fringe:

Use Hair Thickening Products

You can find hair-thickening sprays and powders on the market that will add a lot of texture and thickness to your bangs. They are super simple to use, and a little often goes a long way!

Wash Hair Often

Thin hair tends to get greasy faster. To avoid the dreaded greasy fringe, wash your hair more often – for some people, daily hair washing is the best option.

Tease the Hair

You can give the illusion of a thicker fringe by teasing the hair. Of course, do this gently, as you want it to be a subtle change.

Keep it Trimmed

Thin hair can look thinner if it hasn’t been trimmed in a while, so keep up with trimming your fringe so it looks as thick and healthy as possible.

Treating Hair Loss

Sometimes, changing your hairstyle isn’t enough – to really feel confident, you need a hair loss treatment to regrow the locks. Luckily, there are many hair loss treatment options out there, which means one is likely to work for you.

Determining the Cause

Before anything else, you should determine the cause of your hair loss. There’s no point in opting for something like a hair transplant if you have a nutritional deficiency that would fix everything, after all. To determine the cause, you should speak to a professional. Seeing a dermatologist is a good idea, as they can examine your scalp closely to get a better idea of what’s causing your hair to fall out. You may also want to get your bloodwork done at the doctor’s to rule out nutritional deficiencies or other health problems like hypothyroidism. [1]

Hair Loss Medications

There are some excellent hair loss medications available that could help you reverse hair loss. The most common for men and women is minoxidil, which you can buy over the counter. It’s very effective, but you have to take it daily for it to work. Then, there’s finasteride, which is a DHT-blocking oral medication that can only be prescribed to men. Dutasteride is similar to finasteride and has helped people regrow their hair, too. Speak to a doctor if you’re considering taking hair loss medication.

Hair Pieces and Wigs

If hair loss medications don’t work, a wig or hairpiece might be a good idea. There are plenty of excellent hair pieces to create a full fringe, so you can enjoy your perfect style even with thin hair. It’s best to get a hairpiece styled into your own hair by a professional hair stylist so that it looks natural.

A Hair Transplant

For those with male or female pattern hair loss, a hair transplant works very well. It’s a simple surgical procedure that involves transplanting hair follicles from one area of the scalp to another. If you have hair loss at the front near your fringe, this procedure could help you regrow your hair around that area. It’s worth considering if you’ve struggled with hair loss for a while and it’s harming your confidence.

Should You Get a Hair Transplant?

Consider whether you are a good candidate before getting a hair transplant. It’s best to be a healthy adult over 25 with a good amount of hair loss and a decent donor area. Speaking to a professional surgeon about your options is a good idea here, which you can do on our hair track app.

Bangs Haircut for Thin Hair: In Summary

If you have a thinning fringe, these bang haircuts for thin hair should help you enjoy a manageable and attractive hairstyle without worrying about your hair looking too flat or dull. It’s definitely worth giving it a go! If your hair is getting too thin and you’re worried about hair loss, it’s also worth investigating and considering another hair loss treatment. A hair transplant might be the best option for you – look at our patients’ gallery to see how much we’ve already helped other patients suffering from hair loss and thinning.


  1. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/underactive-thyroid-hypothyroidism/
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