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Patients who are suffering from hair loss may consider a FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction). This procedure takes hair follicles from different areas of your scalp and places them on the balding parts of the scalp.

The FUE hair transplant is very successful as the hair follicles are taken from the head, and then placed back on different areas of the head. This means that the new hair that will grow is hair from the head and will therefore have the same characteristics as your other hair.

However, some patients who are suffering from hair loss have insufficient donor hair at the back of the head for a traditional FUE hair transplant. In some cases surgeons have been able to use hair from other areas of the body in order for the procedure to work.

In these cases it has been known for a surgeon to use Body Hair Transplantation, which is also known as BHT. This treatment has been carried out to varying degrees of success due to the very different nature between body and scalp hair and follicles.

Body and scalp hair are very different which causes problems with a Body Hair Transplantation technique. On the body the follicles are deeper and the orientation is different to the scalp. The type of hair is also different, usually more wiry, often more curly and it will grow to a maximum length of around 5 centimeters.

Any patient undergoing Body Hair Transplantation needs to understand that the transplanted hair will retain its original characteristics, which will determine the overall aesthetics of the hair.

The hair transplant industry is continuing to improve the results of Body Hair Transplantation, and judging by the improvements that have been seen with FUE techniques, it won’t be long before Body hair Transplantation can be performed with the increased efficiency and success.

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