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Dreaming of hair loss: What does it mean?

Most people aged over 10 dream between 4 and 6 times per night, it’s unlikely you’ll remember all of these dreams but from time to time you’ll wake up remembering something from the night before. Something both men and women dream about frequently is hair loss.

Today we’re looking into the phycology behind your dreams and what it might mean if you’re dreaming of hair loss.

What do your dreams mean?

Each night we fall asleep trying to forget about the day before and completely relax. More often than not, the things we’re worrying about can disrupt us during our sleep. Many people believe that dreams explore our unconscious, bringing problems with our mind and body that we have repressed to the surface. So, dreaming about hair loss, what does this mean?

There are a number of different resources and ‘dream dictionaries’ online that will give you reasons you might be dreaming about a certain subject. Many different dream dictionaries believe that dreaming about hair loss signifies a preoccupation with ageing, or maybe you’ve started to notice a few of the initial signs of ageing and are now worried.

Dreaming about the ageing process could also mean that you’re feeling weak and venerable. Some also believe that dreaming of hair loss can signify a fear of public humiliation or a fear of losing control and being powerless.

It is believed that dreams can be a direct message from the unconscious about your health, in the case of hair loss it could be that you’re not getting the right vitamins and minerals needed from your diet to sustain healthy hair.

Dreaming about hair loss could be happening for a number of reason, if you are worried about the ageing process and hair loss please contact us today for a no obligation consultation to see how one of our hair restoration treatments could help you and lessen the worry in your life.

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