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Thyroid Hair Loss

Several things can cause hair loss, and you will often see it listed as a symptom in various disorders, illnesses and conditions. One disorder that is often linked to hair loss is to do with the thyroid. But what does thyroid hair loss look like? Will thyroid problems cause hair loss, and can thyroid hair loss be reversed?

Why is thyroid disease linked to hair loss?

One common question that people seem to ask about hair loss and thyroid issues is how they are actually linked. The truth is that having a thyroid disease means that you are at a greater risk of hair loss that is both excessive in its nature and happens rapidly too.

Not only does it impact the hair on your scalp, although this may not be the entire scalp, it can also affect the hair on the rest of your body too, especially spots like your eyebrows.

This is because the normal production of hormones within your body is disrupted due to the thyroid disease that you are struggling with. The essential hormones that you need in your body for hair growth and regeneration are T3 and T4. Unfortunately, it seems that those who have a thyroid issue find it hard to generate these two hormones, which in turn causes hair loss.

You may also find that another condition or disorder that can occur alongside a thyroid problem could be causing your hair loss. However, it can be hard to know what is right for you and what you can do to treat it.

Is thyroid hair loss permanent?

The good news is that the hair loss that is caused by thyroid disease can be temporary, and there are things that you can do to ensure that the hair that you have lost grows back over time.

One key thing is to make sure that you speak to an expert about your showing symptoms. They will not only be able to identify the issue causing your hair to fall out, but they can also recommend hair loss treatments that you could try out to encourage the hair to grow back.

It is also a good idea to think about the styles that you have for your hair. You want to avoid anything that is going to pull on your hair too much. This can pull on the weakened hair and will cause even further hair loss. Instead, think of softer hairstyles that you still enjoy wearing but that don’t cause any further damage to your hair.

If you are concerned about your hair loss and would like more information please contact us today to talk with one of our hair loss specialists. We’ll be able to book you in for a no obligation consultation.

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