Grooming guide: The perfect beard

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Getting the perfect beard isn’t as simple as it sounds, there are quite a few tips and tricks that are essential knowledge when it comes to growing and maintaining the perfect beard. Our grooming guide contains everything you need to know about achieving the perfect beard!

Shave it off

Shaving off your current stubble or fully-grown beard might sound like a step backwards, rather than a step closer to the perfect beard, but you just have to trust us. In some cases, it’s better to start fresh, so take out your razor and make sure you have a proper shave.

Your fresh facial hair will start growing, now, this can be a little bit itchy but you need to fight it. Your skin can become dehydrated and the accumulation of dirt can cause it to itch. Simply wash your face and facial hair daily and use a beard moisturiser to keep your facial hair and skin in good condition – this will help with itching too.

Decide on a shape, length and style

Your facial hair can be just as versatile as the hair on your scalp, just as there isn’t one single hairstyle, there isn’t one type of beard. Deciding on a shape and length early on can help you in the long run.

Once you’ve decided on this you’ll know exactly what you have to achieve and you’ll know how long and thick you need to grow your facial hair. There is no point in growing your beard for six months so that it’s really quite long when you actually want a much shorter beard.

A trip to your local barber might help you decide this, you could visit for a little trim to keep your current beard neat and tidy and then discuss what length or shape might suit your face shape.

Upkeep is important

Caring for your beard is just as important as caring for the hair on your head. We recommend you adopt a similar routine for your hair as you do your beard. Simply wash and condition your beard every other day – this will keep your skin fresh and your beard soft, whilst stopping any irritation. Next up, apply beard oil daily and brush it, this will keep it nice and tidy, removing any knots and leaving the hairs looking much smoother and softer.

Keeping a good relationship with your barber is important too, having your beard trimmed and shaped every six weeks, just like your hair will keep it in your desired shape and it will always look neat and tidy.

Research beard transplants

For some people, growing a beard can be quite a struggle and it might not be as easy as you think. Many people struggle with patches where hair will not grow, and unfortunately, this isn’t something a beard grooming routine will be able to fix.

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we’re experts in all things hair loss and we’re famous for our revolutionary FUE hair transplant procedure. This procedure is something that can be used to build upon your already existing beard. Our FUE beard transplants are perfect to build upon a beard and can work to fill in any gaps, making your beard look more defined and fuller.

If you would like more information on our beard transplants contact us for a no obligation consultation today.

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