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How is the festive season affecting your hair and health?

The festive season can be both stressful and fun, we all know that getting organised for Christmas can be quite stressful and with all of the partying the festive season comes with you can get quite run down. Christmas should be a time of joy, fun and a great time to spend with friends and family, however, sometimes stress can take over.

Today we’re looking at how the festive season might be affecting your health and your hair.

Christmas is a stressful life event

Studies show that Christmas is up there with ‘stressful life events’ including moving house, divorce and changing job. When we initially think of Christmas we think of all of the fun and laughter we might have but 65% of us find Christmas shopping stressful, and 30% of us get stressed even at the thought of going shopping during the Christmas period.

When it comes to getting the perfect gifts for our loved ones, 61% fell that they lack inspiration and worry that the recipient won’t like what they’ve chosen. Even the day itself is stressful, just when you think everything is done you have to prepare Christmas dinner and 47% of us say that is the most demanding task of the day.

Doesn’t the fun of the festival season help?

No, not quite. Christmas and New Year are full of fun festivities for everyone to enjoy, you’ll have numerous parties as well as different dinners with different groups of friends but burning the candle at both ends could affect your health and your hair!

The festive season is known for overindulging in both food and alcohol and although there is no direct link between alcohol and it causing hair loss, there are side effects related to heavy drinking that can, in turn, have an impact on hair loss.

Alcohol is a diuretic, and excessive alcohol can cause accelerated dehydration. After the consumption of alcohol the levels of the anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) lower in the body. ADH helps the body regulate hydration and the lower levels cause us to expel liquid through sweating and urination. A lack of body fluid can cause the hair to become dry and brittle making it prone to breakage.

After the consumption of alcohol, your body can lose important minerals such as zinc and iron, both of which are key nutrients for the overall health of both the hair and the body. Excessive drinking can lead to your body feeling quite run down and can over time leave hair prone to damage and breakage.

Christmas might be a time of fun and joy, but it can also be hard work and quite stressful – try your best to take a little break this festive season and try not to let the stress get to you too much. The most important thing is to make sure you enjoy yourself!

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, and if hair loss is something that is on your mind be sure to contact us at the Harley Street Hair Clinic for a no obligation consultation.

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