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How to repair a patchy beard

Growing a beard isn’t as easy as some of us might think. Hard to believe with the current beard trend, it seems like everyone is walking around with the perfect, full beard. Not quite. For some it can be a painful task, you think you’re finally getting there until someone points out the patch you thought no one would notice.

If this sounds like an all too familiar problem to you, we’ve got you covered. Today we’re talking about how to repair a patchy beard.

How to grow the perfect beard

The first step to repairing a patchy beard is growing a beard. It’s not as simple as just letting your facial hair grow and hoping for the best, we want to help you grow the perfect beard. First of all, start fresh. Get your razor out, prep your skin and have a good shave. Give yourself a blank canvas if you will.

After the first week or so you might find your fresh facial hair starting to itch, this is completely normal and you have to fight it. You might get so frustrated you want to shave it off but just wait it out. It will be worth it in the end. We promise. The itching sensation is due to the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells and dehydration of the skin. It’s a good idea to wash your beard and use oil to soften the hairs and relieve your dehydrated skin.

Once you’ve got a good amount of growth you need to find your ideal beard shape. Take a look at some photos and find what you want your beard to look like. Once you’ve found it you know how much you need to grow your beard. Simple.

How to care for your beard

Taking care of your beard can help stop the patchy look. We recommend you take care of your beard at home by washing it, applying beard oil and coming it into shape every other day. This won’t stop patchy beards but it can help disguise them. If you’re combing your beard into place each day you might be able to hide small patches.

We also recommend you go to a barber once a month for a trim, they’ll be able to help keep your beard neat and tidy in you desired shape. Again, this won’t completely get rid of any patches you might have but your barber can you style and hide them.

Maybe try a beard transplant

If you’ve tried growing the perfect beard and tried hiding any patches but it just hasn’t worked a beard transplant might be the answer. Our FUE beard transplant procedure allows us to transplant your facial hair in order to disguise patches, leaving you with an even and full beard.

If you would like any information on our beard transplants please contact us for a no obligation consultation where one of our hair loss specialists will be able to help you.

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