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If you are worried that your thinning hair has started to show, you don’t need to panic. There are many ways you can camouflage your way to a fuller hair look and become even more stylish than before and not just with the age-old comb over. We are sure that if you try these tips on how to cut and style your balding hair, you can make your thinning hairline work miracles.

How should I cut my hair?

The first thing that comes to mind when you need to hide your balding hair is to have a clean shaved head. You can never go wrong with this all-time classic and it is very easy to maintain it on your own at home.

Another cut you should definitely try is the High and Tight. Shorter at the sides and longer at the top, this almost military haircut gives the illusion of a fuller head. The perfect fade at the sides gives the sense that you have more hair as it blends well with the thinning parts.

You can play around with the High and Tight haircut by adding an extra touch with a side part. It makes it more modern and sophisticated at the same time.

A short Mohawk with shaved sides works in a similar way to the High and Tight. The shaved sides are perfect at camouflaging the thinning hairline and at the same time the Mohawk gives height and density on the top of the head.

Finally, a nice fade either very high, or mid, can not only give you a very modern touch, but it can also make the rest of your hair blend in very smoothly with the thinning hairline.

How should I style my hair?

Try the barista look and get your hair all sleeked back. It is very chic and will take the attention off of your sparse hairline.

Give the crown of your head a bit of volume and create a messy look that is perfect for longer thinning hair.

Either having your hair backswept, messy, or with high volume, you should customise your styling according to your balding parts and your haircuts. This way you will create great fuller looks that flatter you and hide the problem.

How do I create the perfect side parting?

Your haircut should be side-parting friendly. This means that with the right cut it will be easier to make your side parting and it will look absolutely perfect. Ask your barber for a heavier top and shorter sides. This is a nice haircut to play with and create different styles.

Decide where to part your hair depending on your taste and the pattern of your thinning hair. It is best if you start the part where the top of your thinning hairline is. This way you can create a hairstyle illusion that makes your balding parts less obvious.

Hold everything in place with a styling gel.

What should I do if my hair keeps thinning?

The initial step would be to consult with your GP and a dermatologist first. They will check the type of problem and see if your hair loss is caused by a medical problem or, if it’s a natural problem caused by unavoidable aging. If you require specialist help and guidance why don’t you pay a visi at Harley Street Hair Clinic? We can give you personalised advice on your problem and let you know all the possible solutions for hair loss.

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