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How will pregnancy affect my hair?

When pregnant your body will change a lot and this can be due to the change in hormones you’ll experience. Both during pregnancy and after pregnancy you will notice some changes to your hair, and today we’re telling you exactly what you can expect to happen from hair growth to hair loss.

How can pregnancy affect hair?

Being pregnant is one of the biggest stresses that a woman can put her body though. Throughout pregnancy your hormone levels are completely different to normal, this can cause many different changes to your body and one thing that will change quite a lot during and after pregnancy is your hair.

Throughout your pregnancy, you will see some hormones increase and this will, in turn, alter the hair growth cycle, today we’re going to tell you exactly what you can expect to happen to your hair both during and after pregnancy.

What will my hair be like during pregnancy?

When you’re pregnant your hormones will change and you’ll have an increased level of the hormone oestrogen. Oestrogen is one of the hormones that causes your hair to remain in the growth phase of the hair growth cycle and it helps to stimulate hair to grow if it isn’t already.

As you’ve got an increased level of oestrogen, during pregnancy your hair growth will increase and you’ll notice that your hair will be much fuller.

Will my hair change after pregnancy?

As we’ve said during pregnancy you’ll have much fuller hair, however, this will change once you have given birth. Once you have given birth your hormone levels will return to their normal levels and this can cause a shock to the body and your hair.

The levels of oestrogen in the body will return to normal and drop after pregnancy which can cause the hair to shed. This can cause 60% of the hair to enter the resting stage at once which will cause your hair to suddenly fall out.

Hair loss after pregnancy is not something to worry about, this is a specialised form of telogen effluvium as once your body completely gets back to normal your hair will begin to grow again.

If you would like any more information on hair loss or hair loss treatments please feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation.

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