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Hiar transplant before and after

Most celebrities put a little more effort into their looks than the average person. It makes sense, considering they are often in the spotlight, whether on daytime TV, paparazzi photos, or when starring in movies. In the case of James Nesbitt, you can often find him acting in lead roles in high-quality crime dramas.

So, it’s not surprising that James Nesbitt started getting hair transplants once his hair started receding. Refreshingly, he’s one of the few famous faces that are completely open about the work he’s had done.

Who is James Nesbitt?

James Nesbitt is an actor who became known around the UK after starring as a pig farmer in Waking Ned. The Irish actor has had many appearances on TV since then, many of which earned him accolades. He won Best Performance at the BFI Awards for his work in Bloody Sunday and later Best Actor at the Irish Film and Television Awards for Murphy’s Law. More recently, he starred in the BBC One Police drama Bloodlands.

While he’s mainly known for his fine talents in acting, he has also gained attention thanks to his hair transplant. After his hair started receding, he invested in the FUT transplant, which helped restore his more youthful appearance. Some might even say James Nesbitt’s hair transplant saved his career!

James Nesbitt - Hair Transplant

Where is James Nesbitt From?

James Nesbitt was born in Northern Ireland in 1965, specifically in the town of Ballymena. He has since moved around, with the Cold Feet star now owning a house in London.

How Many Hair Transplants Has James Nesbitt Had?

It’s common knowledge that James Nesbitt’s hair changed due to a hair transplant – in fact, he’s very open about the fact he’s had two of them. However, there are rumours that he’s had more than that, with some people thinking he recently had his sixth hair transplant!

James Nesbitt Hair Transplant

Why Did James Nesbitt Get a Hair Transplant?

Like many men in their 20s, James Nesbitt started to notice thinning hair at the front. Naturally, this had a negative effect on his confidence, mainly because he was often front and centre of a TV screen. In an interview with Amy Raphael back in 2008, he mentioned that he had tried taking vitamin tablets to slow his hair loss.

Eventually, the hair loss got to him too much, and he decided to opt for a hair transplant for real results. He even described his thinning hair as an “obsession”, so clearly, the decision was the right one.

What Type of Hair Transplant Did James Nesbitt Have?

These days, there are two common types of hair transplants: FUT and FUE. It is assumed through looking at images that James Nesbitt’s hair transplant was FUT, which stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation.

FUT Transplant: What it Is and How it Works

The FUT hair transplant is a type of hair loss treatment that provides natural-looking results. It’s also known as the strip method, as it involves the surgeon extracting a small strip of tissue (usually between 1 to 1.5cm) from the scalp to remove the healthy hair follicles. Once these follicles have been taken, they can be inserted into the area of your scalp where you need the hair restoration.

The other popular method for hair transplants is the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction), which uses a more precise robotic device to extract individual hair follicles. Generally, this method leaves less noticeable hair thinning at the donor area and less scarring post-procedure. However, both methods have their benefits, and it’s clear that James Nesbitt’s hair transplant went well with the FUT method.

James Nesbitt Hair Transplant: A Timeline

James Nesbitt experienced hair loss throughout his career. He’s not alone, though – many men go through androgenetic alopecia (or male pattern baldness) at some point in their lives, with 85% of men experiencing thinning hair by the time they are 50 years old. For James Nesbitt, his hair thinning began much earlier than that.


In the 1990s, James Nesbitt enjoyed a low-key acting career, with his roles in Covington Cross and Lovejoy allowing him to flex his acting skills. During this time, the star had a head full of curly, dark hair but did experience some slight hair loss. As a man in his twenties, you can see that he had a slight widow’s peak (or M shape) on his hairline.


The noughties were a big time for James Nesbitt – it’s when he landed his role as Detective Sergeant Tommy Murphy in Murphy’s Law. During this height of fame, James Nesbitt started to struggle with hair loss, as you can see in photographs. His hair began to recede even further, with his widow’s peak looking much more prominent. He also wore a shorter, cropped style.


It is said that James Nesbitt got his first hair transplant around 2008. When you compare a photo of him during the time of Murphy’s Law to 2010, you can see a significant difference in the thickness of his hair. Where he once had a lot of balding at the top of his head, he now has plenty of hair coming through.

Early 2010s

James Nesbitt confirmed a second hair transplant in the early 2010s. In cases where hair loss was quite extreme, it made sense that he went for a second procedure. He showed off the results in multiple public outings, with his full head of hair boosting his looks.


After undergoing several hair transplants, James Nesbitt now has plenty of locks to play with. As a man in his 50s, he’s rocking that salt-and-pepper look!

How Much Did James Nesbitt’s Hair Transplant Cost?

Most actors are pretty private about how much they spend on cosmetic surgery, but James Nesbitt has admitted that he probably spent around £20,000 on a single hair transplant. Considering that he has probably had five or six transplants, we can assume he has spent around £100K on hair transplants over the years. That’s a lot of money!

Did the Hair Transplant Save James Nesbitt’s Career?

One of the reasons Nesbitt decided to go ahead with his transplants was that he thought his hair loss might be harming his acting career. In an interview, James Nesbitt said, “Several years ago, I began losing my hair and like a lot of men, it was a major concern to me, in fact it was practically an obsession. But, also I’m an actor so I’m in the public eye a lot and I really felt that my hair loss could affect my career prospects.”

So, did it work? Likely, yes! Since he began his hair transplant journey, Nesbitt landed roles in The Hobbit films, Bloodlands, Line of Duty, and Suspect. He even said that the transplants “changed his life”.

What Other Celebs Have Had a Hair Transplant?

Plenty of other celebrities have had hair transplants, just like James Nesbitt. However, not all of them are as open as he is. Likely, Nesbitt felt he had to be honest about it because it was so evident that he had them done! With his level of hair loss, it was hard to hide that he’d had the procedure.

Some of the other celebs that have had (or have been rumoured to have had) hair transplants include Gordon Ramsay, Jude Law, Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, and Tom Hanks.

Is a Hair Transplant Right for You?

Are you interested in getting a hair transplant? It’s definitely something to consider if you’ve experienced hair loss. Generally, it’s best to go down the route once you have already tried other options, such as medical treatments like Minoxidil. It’s important to do plenty of research, too, to know what to expect from the results. Take a look at our patients gallery if you want some inspiration!

To be a suitable candidate for a hair transplant, it’s typically best if you’re over the age of 25, with most surgeons preferring their patients to be 30 and above. It also helps if you have a good donor area – a section of your hair that has a lot of hair density.

Hair line pre hair transplant

Are Multiple Hair Transplants Always Necessary?

It’s clear that James Nesbitt had multiple hair transplants since his first. The question is – will your hair restoration journey require the same? Thankfully, probably not. For most patients, a single hair transplant is enough to restore the hair and give them the confidence they need. Plus, you likely won’t need to spend a whopping £20K per procedure like Nesbitt, as many hair transplants are much more affordable than that.

Starting Your Journey to a Restored Hairline

Are you ready to begin your journey to thicker, fuller hair? The first step is simple. By downloading our hair track app, you can track your current level of hair loss. You’ll also be able to use the app to access consultations with our top surgeons, allowing you to go into the journey with as much knowledge as possible. At HS Hair Clinic, we believe that hair transplants should be a seamless, tailored process given by the best doctors in the field, which is why our team is highly trained with tons of experience and a list of incredible success stories from past patients.


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