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Lewis Hamilton hair 2203

Almost everyone in the world has heard of the name Lewis Hamilton. Since his car racing began in 2001 at the British Formula Renault Winter Series, he has taken the world by storm thanks to his talent behind the wheel. He has the joint world record of 7 World Championship Titles alongside Michael Schumacher and holds the record for most podium finishes, wins, and pole positions in Formula 1. It’s clear he’s one of the best athletes in the world!

Lewis Hamilton: A Fashion Icon

Along with all of his accolades from being a high-speed, record-breaking, precise F1 driver, Hamilton is also known as a fashion icon. He’s frequently seen wearing brands like Retrosuperfuture, Tiffany & Co, Dior, Prada, and Miu Miu.

It’s clear that Lewis Hamilton cares about his appearance. While you can’t see most of him while driving, he still has cameras snapping pictures when he’s out of the vehicle. So, when he started to get a receding hairline in his twenties, it made sense that it made him feel self-conscious. Any celeb in the public eye would!

Did Lewis Hamilton Get a Hair Transplant?

There is a lot of speculation about whether or not Lewis Hamilton’s hair transplant is just a rumour or happened. It’s not been confirmed, but Lewis Hamilton’s hair certainly has changed over the years, with his locks looking better now than they ever did in his younger years. The question is, did he get one? If you’re interested in learning more about other celeb’s hair journeys, here’s a breakdown of Steve Fletcher’s hair transplant.

Lewis Hamilton Has Not Been Open About His Hair Transplant

Lewis Hamilton came out to deny the fact that he got a hair transplant. In fact, he blamed hotel hair products, stating:

“I used to wash my hair with bath soap and anything I had at the time. I would wash three times a day — morning, after training, and night. So it was always dry. If in hotels, would use their bad products but never shampooed and conditioned.” [1]

While poor hair care can lead to hair loss, the drastic transition from his receding hairline to his full head of hair still leaves people questioning whether that’s the whole story. While we cannot confirm that Lewis Hamilton got a hair transplant, there is still some evidence that he did, but he would rather not talk about it.

Lewis Hamilton hair 2021

Possible Reasons for Lewis Hamilton’s Hair Loss

While using too many drying products may have damaged Lewis Hamilton’s hair, it’s unlikely that it caused a fully receding hairline. More than likely, it was genetics that played the main role.

When looking at Lewis Hamilton’s father – Anthony Hamilton – you can see that he also has a receding hairline. That is likely a trait that was passed onto Lewis, causing him to lose his hair in his early years due to male pattern baldness. It’s actually very common even in younger men. In fact, 16% of men have either moderate or extensive hair loss by the time they reach 29. [1] So, Lewis Hamilton is not alone.

A Timeline of Lewis Hamilton’s Hairline

When you look at a timeline of Lewis Hamilton’s hairline, it certainly seems as though he’s had a hair transplant. Below, you can find a complete timeline and images of Lewis Hamilton’s hairline, and you can decide for yourself whether you think he had a hair transplant or not!

Early 2000s

Lewis Hamilton’s debut on the race track was in 2001 when he was in his early twenties. Even at that stage of his life, it appeared as though he had lost some of his hair. However, it wasn’t too noticeable as his hair was very short – Lewis Hamilton’s baldness was only slight.

Late 2000s

Moving into 2008-2010, Lewis Hamilton’s hairline seemed to move further and further back, indicating that he was suffering from early male pattern hair loss.

Lewis Hamilton hair 2007

The Early 2010s

In the first half of the 2010s, Lewis Hamilton grew his hair a little more. By the time 2015 came around, it appeared as though his hairline was not nearly as receding as it was earlier, indicating he had done something about it. His hair also looks thicker and healthier (which might be because he gave up those drying hair products!).


By 2019, it looked as though Lewis Hamilton had had a hair transplant. He was able to grow his hair much longer, with Lewis Hamilton’s braids looking incredible on him.

Lewis Hamilton hair 2020

Lewis Hamilton’s Hairline Today

Today, you can see a variety of Lewis Hamilton’s hairstyles from recent years, showing that he has zero problems with hair loss. He has curly afro hair that he can fashion into several hairstyles! Whatever he did, it certainly worked.

Other Possible Reasons for Lewis Hamilton’s Improved Hairline

While there’s a chance that Lewis Hamilton’s hair transplant is true, there are some other possible explanations.


Minoxidil is a topical medication that has been proven to reverse the effects of male pattern baldness in some people. If Lewis Hamilton started using it in his twenties, that might be why it appears as though his hairline grew back over time – it’s definitely possible.


Finasteride is another medication that people use to grow hair after experiencing hair loss, and it is very effective. This is another possibility. In fact, Lewis Hamilton could have even combined the effects of minoxidil and finasteride for greater effect.


A couple of people assume Lewis Hamilton wears a wig, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case. His hair looks far too natural for it to be a wig. Instead, it’s more likely a hair transplant or one of the hair-growing medications we have discussed.

In terms of whether the drying hair products caused hair loss, there is some evidence that this could be the case. However, that does not fully explain how his hair grew back. In our opinion, it must be either a hair-growing medication or a hair transplant.

Why Don’t Celebrities Admit to Getting Hair Transplants?

It actually makes a lot of sense that many celebs aren’t open about their hair transplants – in the same way that many famous people deny having gotten rhinoplasty or lip fillers even though they have. It’s because of the stigma attached to it. However, that stigma will only be alleviated when more people are open about their experiences. Hair transplants are fantastic procedures that have come so far over the years, helping people feel comfortable in their skin once more. That’s why it’s so great when celebs are refreshingly open about when they’ve had one done!

Celebs Who Have Been Open About Hair Transplants

While Lewis Hamilton has not come out to say he had a hair transplant, there are some celebrity hair transplants that have been confirmed.

Wayne Rooney

One athlete who has been open with his fans about his hair transplant is Wayne Rooney. Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant was a huge success. He had it done because he was experiencing male pattern baldness at an early age, and the difference was astronomical. Now, Wayne Rooney can sport a full head of hair.

James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt has been very open about his struggles with losing his hair. He has since admitted that he got a hair transplant and even said it helped save his career. Good for him!

Rob Holding

Another footballer who has been forward about his transplant is Rob Holding. He got his hair transplant done in London and was very happy with the results. It’s refreshing to see an athlete speak so openly about the work he’s done to improve his self-confidence.

There are other celebs – like Lewis Hamilton – who people suspect has had a hair transplant, but they haven’t been open about it. For example, Elon Musk has reversed his receding hairline significantly over the years but has not come out to say that he had a hair transplant. Another person who looks like he had a hair transplant is Gordon Ramsay, but he hasn’t come out to say it publicly. Maybe one day, these celebrities will feel more comfortable speaking up about it!

Lewis Hamilton’s Hair Transplant: Fact or Fiction?

Until Lewis Hamilton confirms that he had a hair transplant, we cannot know for sure whether he got one. Perhaps he had a lot of luck with minoxidil, or maybe he did get a hair transplant but did not feel comfortable discussing it. Either way, his hair looks better than ever today!

Are you considering getting a hair transplant? The FUE hair transplant procedure is a highly effective procedure that can restore your hair to how it once was. If you’re interested in discussing it, we offer consultations with the very best surgeons, so book one today!


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