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Medical Tourism: Is it worth the risk?

Medical tourism is something that interests a lot of people, traveling abroad to get a medical procedure such as a hair transplant can seem very appealing when you first look into it purely because of the lower price. Today we’re looking into medical tourism and if it is actually worth the risk.

What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism, sometimes known as health tourism is the process of traveling outside of your country of residence for the purpose of receiving some kind of medical care, this could also include a cosmetic procedure.

In recent years there has been a rise in the popularity of medical tourism, this is usually due to the lower cost other countries can offer the treatment for.

What are the benefits of medical tourism?

For some, medical tourism is a good option to look into because healthcare in their own country is too expensive or because other countries might have a better healthcare system in which they specialise in the procedure they’re looking at getting. It could also be due to certain medical services not being available in their country of residence.

Medical tourism can, therefore, be a good option under certain circumstances, however, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons in the matter and ensure you are aware of any risks that come with medical tourism.

Why is medical tourism a risk?

Although there are some benefits for some people when it comes to medical tourism there are also some risks involved. As mentioned above a lot of people look into medical tourism for a lower cost procedure.

When it comes to visiting a clinic abroad it is important to find out vital information such as how qualified your doctors are, what the clinic facilities are like, what treatments they offer – they might not offer the treatment you actually want and could end up selling you a different treatment.

In the UK, medical facilities are regulated by professional bodies such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) or are registered officially as a professional clinic. In other countries, there is no professional body and it can be difficult to find out all the information you need about your clinic and to see if it is as reputable as one in the UK.

Should I only get medical procedures done in my home country?

When it comes to choosing where to get a medical procedure it is important to look around, and consider all of your options.

We think getting your procedure in your own country is a good option as it is easy to stay in contact with the clinic and it also makes it easy if you have to re visit the clinic for follow up appointments.

However, the most important things to consider when picking a clinic anywhere in the world are;
Do they use registered doctors?
Is the clinic registered under a professional body?
Are their testimonials for you to look at?
Do they offer the treatment you want?
If you consider all of the above points and research clinics carefully you should be able to find a good and reputable clinic.

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