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Middle Aged Men

November is one of the most important months of the year for men. Famously referred to as ‘Movember’ it is meant to be a month of raising awareness for different types of cancer, in particular prostate cancer.

During this month it is common for some men to grow as much facial hair as possible – in particular a moustache – until the end of the month. Originating from Australia in 1999, the movement has become so big that it raises hundreds of millions during November every year.

Most people shave the day before Movember so that they can start growing it out as a signal of awareness during the month. However, some men find it particularly difficult to grow anything from a moustache to a beard in this short time frame.

We’re half way through Movember now and we want to know how you’re getting on. If you’re having trouble growing a full beard or a thick moustache, there could be a variety of reasons your moustache isn’t looking as full as your friends.

Why isn’t my facial hair growing?

Not giving it enough time to grow fully is a critical mistake made by most men. Some may shave if it starts to itch or feel like their beard is too scruffy.

It usually takes around four weeks to grow a thick beard and sometimes even longer, we’re only half way though Movember so don’t give up just yet!

Movember is the perfect month to execute this tactic and see how well your beard grows. You can continue it into December and maybe even grow a majestic Santa Clause beard.

Your diet is an important part of your hair growth. Many foods have vitamins that help promote healthy hair growth. Vitamins E, A, B, B3, B5 are some of the vitamins needed to help with facial hair growth.

It may also come down to your genetics if none of the above are working. Genetics and testosterone have a big part to play in how your beard forms, as it sometimes doesn’t fully kick in until the early twenties.

Need some help?

If you feel like you’ve gone through most of these options and none of them seem to be working please feel free to contact us for a free no obligation consultation. We offer a range of different treatments including beard transplants.

Our transplant treatment allows you to dictate how the beard you’ve always wanted becomes a reality. It is a minimal invasive procedure that takes between 2-5 hours and can boost your confidence and image.

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